Turning Your Hobby Into Your Goldmine

Turning your hobbies to your goldmine

Do you have a hobby? Is there a particular thing you do several times in a day without getting bored. Did you know you could turn that hobby into a goldmine?  Yes, you can change it from just a hobby to a lucrative business idea. That way, you make money for yourself while you enjoy what you are doing. Everyone of us has one hobby or the other; very few of us have realized the earning potentials our hobbies carry. This article will show you how to transform your hobbies into your own money-making machine. Read on!

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Some of our Featured Entrepreneurs were able to start their lucrative business simply by harnessing their hobbies and making something out of them. Read this:

I started with drawing sketches of portraits and comics as a primary school pupil before I proceeded to study architecture in a tertiary institution – Daniel Emmanuel. CEO Daniesk Project & Services Ltd (Read full interview here)

Photography has always been a hobby for as long as I can remember. I bought my first film camera in 2003 as an undergraduate. I just wanted to take pictures everywhere I went. I was attracted to nature and landscapes, so I usually felt bad when I saw something interesting but could not capture the moment – Oghenefego Ofili, Creative Director at Teo-Inspiro International Ltd. (Read full interview here)

I’m a builder; I’m a creator. I build and create things. I’m better at creating things than in managing and keeping them – Eze Chijioke, CEO GoodDay Paper Mills Ltd (Full interview here)

These are some examples that your perfect business idea is already inside of you waiting to be developed and allowed to blossom. There is a close relation between your hobby and your passion – your hobby is almost always what you are passionate about. And if you are passionate about something, you are in business. You just need to find other people who are passionate about that same thing or who have problems that your area of interest can fix.

In higher institution, I had a friend who could fix a weave-on on her own head without injuries. She did it so well that other students went to her and she would make one for them, just like that. At first she did it for free. Then she realized how much she could make and that was it.

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If we use my friend as an example, she loved hairdressing and styling. It came naturally to her. She started by offering her services free of charge. This made her popular among many people and allowed her harness her skills. If she wanted, she could open a salon which is very lucrative and she already had a large loyal customer base (who got free services) to tap from. She could also run a school and teach countless of other people how to do what she did and do it well. She could start a blog and share her knowledge and ability with the world. NappilyNigerianGirl.com is a natural hair care blog. The owner is a dear friend of mine and she does very well.

Do you love to shop? So many people are so busy they don’t have the time to shop for themselves. Locate them, find out what they need, shop for them and get paid. You already see them everyday. All you need to do is to advertise yourself and earn people’s trust. This service could be needed among the working class who are probably too busy to shop for themselves.

If your hobby is to cook or feed people, you just love to see people well fed. Try out a canteen or a restaurant but first make sure you cook good, hygienic and tasty food. Thousands of cooks today don’t even have a shop because they get contracts to cook for schools especially students in dormitory. A woman I know of started out as a canteen owner many years ago; she recently won the contract to cook for a big school which she does in the morning, afternoon and evening because it is a boarding school. Today, she is an employer of labor because she caters for parties asides the school.

How do you turn your hobby into a business?

  1. First find out what your hobbies are. Do you love to read, write, sing, dance? Pick one or two that you do very well. We’ll use writing as an example.
  2. Harness your skills. having a hobby might not necessarily mean you are an expert in that area. If you love to write, for example, you might need to improve your writing skills and structure your tone to engage your audience more. So start by writing more everyday. Write on any topic that interests you, any topic at all. Just write.
  3. Test the waters. Offer your writing services at every opportunity. At first, do this free of charge. The idea is to find out how good you really are and to allow yourself make mistakes without putting yourself under the pressure of justifying the money you earn. There are lots of platforms that allow you express your writing talents free of charge. Medium.com is one of them. You could also find bloggers in your area of interest and offer them your services free of charge. The good ones among them would appreciate your desire to grow and help you by pointing out areas in your writing that need improvement.
  4. Start making money. When you are confident of your writing abilities, attach a price to your services. Some of those places that accepted your free services will appreciate this also and pay you. The more you write, the more clients you stand to get. With time, you will earn higher fees.
  5. Go big. Advertise yourself. Create a Facebook page for your services, start a website, join freelancing websites like elance.com and fiverr.com. The sky is your limits.
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There’s more to this, of course, but you simply have to start something and do it well.

Whatever your hands find to do, do it diligently! – The Holy Bible

If you love to make people laugh or you can talk and you love doing it…you just might be the next comedian the world is waiting for. Pursue it!

Yours might be to dance, sing or write…there is absolutely nothing stopping you from being who you want to be or who you were created to be.

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Step out!

I look forward to celebrating your success!


  1. It’s definitely a great thing when hobby and passion come together with income and profits, it makes for a life that doesn’t feel so much like work.


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