5 Things I Wish I Had Done Differently 5 Years Ago

Things i wish i had done differently
I was promoting one of my articles on my Facebook page when a thought occurred to me: what if I had not opened a Facebook account over 6 years ago? And what if I had followed my good judgment and created a twitter account 5 years ago? How many followers would I have amassed by now and how could that have affected my blog promotion via social media. Naturally, I followed that stream of thought and wondered the things I could have done differently 5 years ago and how they could have affected my business life today. The aim of this article is to let you, my reader, know the importance of starting now. One of the keys to overcoming procrastination is to do it now. My personal motto is: if it has to be done, do it now! I wish I had done these 5 things differently 5 years ago.

1. Keep my niche blog active

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I love blogging. I love that I write and someone somewhere reads what I write. I started a niche blog 5 years ago (weight loss niche). I loved it because I was engaged in a fitness program at the time and was excited about the things I was doing and how they could help someone else lose weight and stay healthy. The blog wasn’t making me any money and traffic was low so I shut it down. Looking back now, I wish I had continued working on it. If I had, I’m sure things would have turned out differently on many fronts by now.

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Lesson: don’t quit. You would never find out how successful you could be if you quit.

2. Write 1 article daily

If I had continued writing, I shudder to think about how good I would have become today. I love writing. It’s one of my hobbies, that and reading. I never really practiced; I wrote only when I had to. When I stopped blogging, I stopped writing. Looking back now, I should have committed myself to writing one article everyday whether I used it or not, no matter how crappy it was. People who love to write and practiced writing make full-time income just doing what they love. Now that I’m having to write more consistently, I notice how rusty I am and how much better I could have become if I had stayed disciplined.

Lesson: practice makes perfect. Have the discipline to work on your skills regularly

3. Create a twitter account

I used to think of twitter as another social media network I could do without. As a blogger now, I know better. I should have done this long ago – I posted my ‘Hello World!’ tweet 3 weeks ago and got 1 re-tweet. Of course, having a twitter account is a matter of preference. I never would have thought about it if I had not started my web project but I’m glad I have. The community and networking is amazing. I could air my mind – and frustration – on president Buhari’s personal twitter handle without batting an eyelid or waiting till my friendship request got approved, I could start a protest using a hash tag, I could support a cause or help someone while staying anonymous, the list is endless. I really should have done this 5 years ago.

Lesson: Pick things when you can. They might come in handy in the future.

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4. Read more books

I read a lot of books in those years (I still do) but they were mostly novels. I read to entertain myself. I could finish one book in day which was an amazing feat given the circumstances. If I had to do it again, I would read more of self-development books and biographies. Reading novels was fun and exciting; it shaped my life a bit and I love it. But biographies would have taken me to heights I’m yet to imagine.

Lesson: read to learn.

5. Make more friends

I don’t see how I could have done this though because I’m mostly an introvert – perhaps if I had read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie or books like that. But then apart from family, friends are all we have. And the more friends (reliable friends) we have, the better. I’m happy with the friends I have now. They are the most wonderful people on the planet. Yes, you. We are friends now, aren’t we?

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Lesson: Expand your network; make more friends

Conclusion: I have done everything in this list; only wished I had done them earlier. Now, you have 2 options: you can start doing things now that will help you 5 years from now or you can write an article about things you wish you had done differently 5 years from now. What is it going to be? Let me know in the comment box. Here’s a tip: don’t be like me; start now! *wink*


  1. I wish five years ago I was not so scared of leaving Anambra state and had written post UME in another University UI, UniBen or OAU. Anywere but Anambra Universities.
    Lesson never fear the unknown.
    I wish 3yrs ago I had gone to learn baking and not sewing since that’s were my passion lies. Lesson identity your passion early. My favorite artivl so far

    • Hello Gift, there are so many businesses you could start with such amount of money. But telling you to do this or that is not going to be the best for you. The reason for this is that, in business, there are so many ups and downs but only the persistent entrepreneurs scale through. If you read the interview Samuel conducted with Chijioke Eze, you will get a clue of what I am talking about.

      When people ask me similar question, I always start by asking them what they love doing, what they know how to do very well and what they can do for people happily even when there are no monetary gain. That is the way to look. When you venture into businesses related to what you love doing, those things that make you happy when you are doing them (they are like your passion) you will but succeed overtime. Your clientele will grow exponentially cos you know what you are doing and people will always refer your product or services to their friends and family.

      So if you know how to cook, decorate, farm, design, build eCommerce sites, build website, makeup, market, etc, then think deep within you and you will see the result you seek.

      All the best.

    • I believe a lot has to go into making a business decision than a business idea and money, Gift. I encourage you to read our articles on how to generate a business idea and how to make that idea a reality. I believe they’ll tell you a lot before we now come to how much you have.

      Thanks for following our blog. Let’s discuss more on this.

  2. Nice post. For me, it goes down to what I wished I started doing earlier in life, farther than 5 years ago and that is making friends. I am an introvert. It affected my keeping new friends. I am a lovable person and easily attracted to people but my nature then abhors keeping new contacts or follow up with new friends. I hardly network, hanged out nor call. This actually was completely not my fault as I grew up to believe the more friends one had, the more problem one is creating for oneself.

    I am wiser now. I do not only make relevant friends, I follow up, I even host them or take them out.

    As an entrepreneur, you must be sociable and a good networker.

    Robert Kiyosaki said “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for job.

    If you must be rich, network.

    Thanks again Samuel.

    • Thanks, Francis.

      Successful people realize the wonders in networking. Not only for the purpose of making money, but simply because life in itself is all about communication, connection and networking.

      You have to take me out sometime though, lol


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