Many times when I discuss blogging with beginners, the first question I ask is: what would you like to talk about on your blog? Then I hear something that goes like this:

Well, I have an interest in agriculture so naturally, I want to focus on agriculture. But I also love sports and I’m good at predicting matches. I watch a lot of movies too and I’m passionate about music… Is there a way I can combine all these and talk about everything just like they do on nairaland?

Before we go ahead and find out, let me explain a few things.

  1. A niche is simply a topic, the topic for your blog. A sub-niche is a topic within a topic. For example, internet marketing is a niche, a broad niche. Within internet marketing, there are several sub-niches like blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, vlogging, etc.
  2. A single niche blog talks about one topic and one topic only. is a single niche blog. So is,, etc. These blogs talk about one thing and one thing only.
  3. A multi-niche blog is a blog about one or more topics. A good example is the vanguard Nigeria website, Linda Ikeji’s blog, nairaland (this is actually a forum but you get the point).

Many beginners who start blogging have a lot of things in their head they want to talk about.

So which is better: a single niche blog or a multi-niche blog?

The short answer is, it depends on why you want to have the blog in the first place.

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If you just want to have a personal blog where you express yourself and talk about all your interests, then a multi-niche blog is fine. Blogging allows you to do anything you want and whatever you post on your blog, there must be someone somewhere who likes it enough to read it.

However, if you want to do something more serious with your blog like establish yourself as an expert, build a career, make money or promote your business, then talking about everything is not the way you want to go. I will give you a few reasons below.

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Focus is important

Unless you are Hercules or you have a doctorate in multi-tasking, trying to talk about everything will take away your focus. It will derail you; most times, you will find it difficult making any kind of targeted meaning. The overall theme of your blog will be lost and only a few people will take you seriously.

As a beginner blogger, focus is very crucial. The moment anyone visits your blog, the theme and meaning of your blog should become immediately clear. This makes it easier to build followers and readership and that is when you start making money.

Now, there are many successful multi-niche websites but if you look closely, they are multi-authored too. They have different contributors, each of them focused on one area they are very good at. If you plan to have multiple authors for your different topics, then there is no problem at all. But as a beginner, most experts would find it difficult identifying or working with you because you are a beginner, unless you show them some potential to make them believe in you.

Become an expert, not a rolling stone

One of the beautiful things about blogging is that it allows you express the expert in you. When you prove yourself as an expert in your field, people will come to you for solutions to their problems.

Having a multi-niche blog makes you seem like a rolling stone. Now, this is fine if you just want to have a personal blog where you express yourself and have fun. But if you want to make money through blog, it is very important that people identify you with a particular ability.

This will build trust and confidence in your readers that you are the person they should be talking to. Anyone who visits gets one impression and one impression only – this blog is all about entrepreneurship. So when people email me seeking my assistance, they do so having the confidence that I know what I’m talking about. Nobody ever emails me asking about politics.

As a beginner blogger, become an expert in your field. This is the only way you can make substantial income through blogging.

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SEO will be tough on a multi-niche blog

SEO on a single-niche blog is already hard enough. It takes months to generate organic search engine traffic for a blog through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’m telling you, it takes months of consistency, hard work and commitment even for a single niche blog like Now, imagine what it would be like for a multi-niche blog.

Focusing on one niche or even a sub topic makes it easy to optimize your blog, get traffic and make money.

Making money would be difficult for a multi-niche blog

For your readers to buy anything from you, they must trust you to deliver. Gone are the days when people just buy anything they see on the internet.

As I said earlier, you may have a multi-authored blog where each author is an expert in their own fields. This will take years of hard work,and spending money.

With a single niche blog, your topic is already clear. Making money is easier. You can choose any model you want: e-commerce, affiliate marketing, advertising, etc.

What if I still want to blog about different things?

The best way to go would be to create different blogs for your different topics. But remember, you need to focus. So start with one, build it to the point where it makes you money and then build another one.

Resist the temptation to dilute your efforts by working on different things at the same time. Focus on one.

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The truth is, even with only one blog you can make all the money you want. The internet is a great place for those who understand how it works. I have spent time mentoring many beginner bloggers to know that most of them don’t understand how blogging works. Your primary goal should be to understand how blogging works before you dive in.

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  1. While reading this piece, I kept asking myself why and how did I never get to know about this blog till some days ago. Wow! This is thought provoking.
    Thank you Sir.

  2. Interesting.

    Thank God I am your student.

    I have already bought a domain name for a single blog

    I think am following your steps and lessons sir


  3. Comment:Thanks for today’s edition it motivated me to never give up, I’m happy to be your student because you really inspired me always. god bless you.

  4. Another masterly piece as usual. Thank you so much sir. With this post, it makes a lot of sense to concentrate on just one niche.

    Thank you!

  5. This is really helpful, I honestly felt I was the one you were addressing because I do have a lot of things in my head. But , I still can’t wrap my head around how to change from a free blog account to a premium one.
    How do I get people to read my posts?

  6. What a wonderful post! I couldn’t help but comment. Difference between a multi niche and single niche. With multi niche you actually find it difficult to focus. I was actually trying to change my blog from multi niche to single niche before stumbling on your post.

  7. Well, it didn’t take long to reassure myself that a single niche is the wisest choice. Thanks for this timely speech. Let me go and deal with the practicals

  8. Thanks for this post. You have made me see reasons why a personal, multi niche blog is not good if I want to Chi one off an expert and make money blogging.
    Thank you!

    Thank you for the free training on blogging!


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