Top 20 Service Business Ideas You Should Start in 2019

car wash business
Car wash service business

In this post, I will be sharing with you 20 service business ideas you should start as we approach 2019. These service business ideas will make you money and they don’t need excess capital to start.

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As our lives get busier and faster, a lot of people are having to outsource parts of their daily tasks so they can focus on matters that demand their immediate attention.

Think about it, if I have to review my work notes or spend precious time with my family but my car also needs washing, it makes sense to let someone else wash my car while I focus on the other activities, right? That is how service business works.

When you take minor chores off people’s hands, they will pay you for it. The more people you serve, the more money you make. So I’m going to suggest 20 service business ideas you can tap into to create a steady income stream for yourself.

You need only start one of them to change the course of your financial life. You can start more than one, though, which will make you generate extra sources of income for yourself.

Top 20 Service Business Ideas for 2019

1. Waste Collection/Removal

I don’t know about you but I pay someone regularly to dispose my waste. In fact, the entire neighborhood pays the same guy to dispose their waste. He makes regular income because he does not mind getting his hands dirty.

Yeah, I know, government has failed us but smart and hardworking people take advantage of that failure to build wealth.

Since waste recycling has become a major talking point in our environment, there are many ways you can turn waste to wealth. It starts from waste collection, which is the simplest and cheapest to start.

You just introduce yourself to your neighborhood and offer to help dispose their garbage if they can pay you a stipend. This is, of course, after you have gotten the necessary tools you need.

If the idea of going house to house, collecting bags of waste makes you uncomfortable, then you can organize some workers, mobilize them and promote the service you offer. These people will collect the waste while you collect the money and pay them for their good work.

Then, if your business wheels spin well enough, you can venture into the other waste-to-wealth businesses and before you know it, you are at the top looking over your empire. Of course, it’s not that easy. Just start from somewhere, OK?.

2. Event Planning

Not everyone has the time to organize their own events. The days when the bride and groom get so worn out from marriage preparation stress that they cannot enjoy their own wedding night is becoming a thing of the past.

I see people who spend enough time preparing for their own birthday party that they cannot enjoy the party they planned. You are going to plan their events and they will pay you for it.

Event planners make a lot of money by taking the stress off people’s hands, allowing them to focus on enjoying their event instead of carrying chairs, canopies, or dishing out plates of rice. Judith of Kiddies Fantasy is one of such event planners.

You will need to have event planning skills. You will also need loads of patience and you must be good with people. In fact, your people skills should be above average.

Part of your start-up materials and cost will be provided by your clients when you land them, but you do need money to advertise your services and let people know you are good at what you do.

3. Laundry Service

This is still one of the best services business ideas to look out for in 2018. It has been talked about a lot. I don’t think you will find an article on service businesses which does not include laundry service.

Still it remains a money spinner. It is a business that can double your invested capital within a short period of operation.

A lot of things have changed about the business, though. Business owners have become more creative in their service delivery and performance. You cannot expect to just stay in your shop and customers will troop in.

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You need to put your customers first and find better ways to serve them than what the other laundry businesses are doing.

Read this article to learn how to start your own laundry service with less capital.

4. Freelance Writing

Do you consider yourself a good writer? If yes, then you can start a freelance writing service as your side hustle or a full-time business.

The good thing about this business is that it does not require any capital to start. You only need a laptop and internet connection, and you are good to go. However, you need lots and lots of common sense.

The reason I emphasize on common sense is because I have dealt with a lot of writers and common sense is not as common as you think.

When someone hires you to do a job, you must understand what the customer wants and follow their instructions. If anything is not clear, don’t assume. Communicate with your client.

If, for any reason, you are not able to deliver the job as agreed, communicate with your client and let them know. People understand delays; they don’t understand lack of communication.

Companies are ready to pay you good amount of money if you can provide them good content for their site. People are making thousands of dollars monthly from freelance writing.

If you are sure of yourself, you can go sign up at any freelancing website and start selling your writing services to clients.

4. Copywriting

Almost similar to freelance writing, copywriting means writing sales copy for companies and businesses. it is the highest paying writing job at the moment but it takes great skill to do effectively.

The demand for copywriters is very high as companies that focus on content marketing will be happy to pay you your desired fee if you can create sales copy for them that can generate lots of sales for their business.

You may need to get some training before you start offering copywriting as a service.

5. Make-up Artist

Providing make-up services is yet another lucrative service business for 2019. The demand for make-up artist is great in the entertainment and fashion industry.

If you are good, you can secure a long-term contract which will means more revenue for you.

6. Hair Care

Women are not the only people who need to look good. Men need good hair care too. No amount of recession can stop the hair care industry from booming.

Whether you are starting a haircut salon for men or hair salon for ladies, you are always going to be in business.

You can also use the powers of the internet to educate people on how to take care of their hair.

7. Cleaning Services

This business involves cleaning of pools, garages, commercial establishments, construction sites, homes etc.

It is one of the many untapped service business ideas yet. With the right promotion and quality service delivery, you will make lots of money in this business. I have a detailed guide on how to start cleaning business. Check it out and leave a comment.

8. Social Media Consulting

Social media marketing is no longer an optional activity; it has become a necessity. A lot of people still don’t social media works. When they do, they may not have enough time to focus on their social media campaign and strategy.

As a social media consultant, they will hire you to promote their brand and sell their services on social media. It is very rewarding work.

Sure, there are plenty people offering this service, but you can stand out from the crowd by laser-focusing your service to a particular market say network marketers or e-commerce owners.

9. Music Tutoring

Do you have knowledge and practical experience in music? What are you waiting for? Why not turn that knowledge into a business?

As a music tutor, you get to organize music classes, either one-on-one coaching or group class and make good amount of money monthly from selling your knowledge.

Here’s the thing: even when you have no knowledge of music or musical instruments, you can still facilitate music classes for people, especially young people. You get a music instructor and get people to pay for, and attend, the class.

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10. Accounting Services

Are you good at accounting? Companies that cannot employ a full-time accountant do outsource their bookkeeping tasks.

If you can make yourself available by letting people know what you do using different marketing channels, you can start getting calls or messages from companies looking for freelance bookkeepers.

11. Graphic Design

This service business is for those who have graphic designing skills. Even if you don’t, you can use the many resources on YouTube to get some basic training. You can make good amount of money as a graphic designer doing it as a side business.

12. Car Wash

You can open a car wash business with little capital. You will need enough parking space for cars, a steady source of water supply and a good eye for details so long as car washing is concerned.

The good thing about car wash business is, not only do you get to make lots of money, you can monetize the business further by adding other businesses like a bar, sports viewing center, betting center, etc.

13. Photography

Every event needs a photographer, right? But don’t fool yourself into thinking that just owning a camera makes a photographer. It does not. To make a career as a photographer, you will need to get some training especially in shooting and editing.

14. Business Plan Writing

If you can write solid business plans, so many people are looking for you. I know so many people who are making millions every year writing business plans for aspiring entrepreneurs and companies.

15. Market Research

This involves getting real-time market data for companies, conducting surveys, market research and getting other information companies need to make informed decisions about their products.

It is stressful but rewarding. You will need extensive knowledge about data analysis and statistics. If you don’t have the skills, you can start the company and employ people who do. You will also need companies to know that you exist.

16. Web Designing

As long as the internet exists, there is always demand for website designers. Any website designer that must stand competitive must be very good at what he or she does.

You can start learning web design and development today, at no cost, from any of these 5 websites.

17. Plumbing Services

This is one problem always suffered by landlords and tenants anywhere around the world. The services of a plumber is always needed when there is problem with either the toilet or water not circulating around the building.

This business can be run full-time if you are very serious about starting the business as it requires no special skills.

18. Auto Repair Services

If an auto-repair mechanic has ever damaged your car, you will understand just how precious skilled mechanics are.

You can start an auto-shop where vehicle owners can find genuine parts for their cars and get quality service for their cars.

19. Transportation

Transportation business booms anytime, anywhere. The mode of delivery may change but the earning potentials of the business remains the same.

You can start your own taxi service, enlist with other transportation services like Uber, or lease out your car for others to operate and deliver regular returns to you.

20. Digital Marketing

A lot of businesses do not know how to take their business online. As a digital marketer, your job will be to give their business an online presence.

This will include lead generation, search engine ranking, social media presence, e-commerce integration, etc.

There are many online courses you can take to master digital marketing. Start today.

These are not the only service business ideas

No, they are not. But they are a good place to start. The point is to start something instead of waiting for some sort of miracle to happen.

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Which of these service business ideas stand out to you the most? Scroll down to the comments and let me know.


  1. Great ideas indeed. Into email copywriting but still having some challenges. Think I need a little more training on that from someone great I’m it

  2. I’m so much interested in laundry service but I need training on how to know fabric types and their treatment. I reside in asaba where is the closest place I get such training.

    • Hello Marian, why not reach out to the laundry businesses close to you and ask them questions. It would be difficult for me to refer you to anyone because I don’t live in Asaba. When you ask politely, people are mostly quite happy to help out. Good Luck!

  3. Incisive as always,but I will love a detailed study of two or three of any of the service options and a good training centre that you recommend, that could help in no small measure. Especially for the auto repair. Am really interested in that area.

    Good work.

  4. Eeeh.those are great ideas Mr Chinedu which needs some one to start on one of the this Coming 2018 ,I appreciated your money making ideas

  5. nice business ideas, i am really interested in writing business propasals, but will really love to get training on how to write striking business propasals. Thank you.

  6. thanks MR chinedu. good one. please I want to know more on this emarketing business, how to get the companies, etc, and how go about it.

  7. Comment:
    Hi, you didn’t talk about dress making, or fashion design. Don’t you think this is a gold mine and every lady should at least learn to sew? Guys too!! I say so because Ankara fabrics are back with a boom putting China made dresses at the backyard. And people must look good!!!
    It doesn’t cost much to set up. A good sewing machine(about 25k)is all you need plus skills, which can be acquired(some centres charge as low as 15k for 6months!!). Even working class people arrange to acquire skills after work and earn extra income.

  8. Hi Samuel. Thank you for being so magnanimous. I do appreciate the ideas you share.
    What do you think about starting a travel agency. What are the possibilities?

    • Hello Aijay,

      Thanks for your comment. A travel agency is a brilliant idea if you have the experience. It also helps to have necessary contacts who can expedite issues for you in various places. So the faster your clients can get what they need from you, the better your business will run. With experience and network, a travel agency is good business.

      Good luck!

  9. I just want to say thank you so much for this blog, it is helping me big time as I am considering leaving my profession to business. I like the car wash, transportation and freelance writing ideas. Great work!!

  10. Comment: Good day Mr. Samuel Chinedu,
    I have been following your teachings for some time now and I am not surprised at all for this quality piece.
    I’m particularly interested in transportation, freelance writing and digital marketing business.
    I hope to be tutored more about these.
    Thank you very much.

  11. How do i go about palm oil selling(wholeasaler) without been duped,i stay in abuja,i believe i can get them at cheaper rate at some part of ekiti,but transportation/availability is what i scaring me away

  12. Top’s of the day I will like to get information about Bread making (Bakery)
    I mean sitting up a bakery for business .

  13. I Luv ur effort. May God reward u bro. But for me I am agriculture directed. I need someone to tell me more about pig farming here in Nigeria cox I think it’s life changing too. Thanks

  14. This good and I like what you are doing for the next generation. Pls I want you to throw more light on Accounting for Small and Medium Enterprises

  15. Really love the information you dish out. Pls I quite confused if to venture into paperbags making, forex trading or waste disposal. I would really appreciate your suggestion for any and the where I could get trained in uyo, Akwa Ibom State

  16. Your list here are actually what are needed in high demand in Nigeria and I appreciate your time for sharing this with us.

    To add an additional information to what you have just mentioned above, here are my five (5) top other service business that would become more profitable this year.

    5 Best Service Business Ideas in Nigeria 2020

    1. Soap Making.
    2. Cooking Business.
    3. Fabrication Works.
    4. Installation of Stainless Rail.
    5. Installation of Water Collector.

    Though I am still making more research and experimenting.

    Thanks Mr. Chinedu, this are skill we young youth need to learn and also keep our day job.


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