5 Practical Steps you can Take Today to Sell More on Social Media

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Statistically, over one billion prospects are already on Facebook and WhatsApp. What that means is that if you are not already selling on social media you are leaving so much money on the table.

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How much does the time you invest socializing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp generate for your business?

You see, with sales reps seeking more ways to reach their sales target, social media marketing has turned out to be one of the regular choices. This is as a result of the increasing number of users on social media.

In this blog post, I will teach you practical steps you can take to monetize your social media. It’s not as difficult as most people think if you can give the challenge your best shot – time, energy and resources.

What You Will Learn Here

  • How to Identify What Your Audience Really Want
  • How to Optimize Your Platform So That Prospects Will See You as One Worth Doing with
  • How to Emotionally Attract Prospects Ready to Pay
  • How to Build Trust with Your Customers
  • How to Use Your Social Media to Grow Your Email List

How to sell more on social media

1. Identify what your audience really want

Success in business is not always about what you are skillful in. No, if what you are an expert in is not what your customers want you will still struggle to make money. You must not forget that this is not about you, but about them.

To properly identify what your audience want, you will need to know who your ideal customers are. And to do that effectively I recommend you understudy at least 5 of your competitors, noting the demographics of the people who patronize their business.

Your study will show you the angle through which you can penetrate the market and dominate easily.

2. Optimize your social media platform to attract more prospects

The first step to optimizing your social media platform is to keep it up to date. Fill up all the necessary details your prospects would need to know about you. Don’t leave them to figure it out themselves. Most of them won’t. If you are a virtual assistant or you are into importation of any kind of product, state it on your profile.

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Using few words to tell your audience what you do on your profile makes your sales pitch an easier one. And don’t forget, tell them what they want to hear which you are sure you can help them achieve.

3. Build trust with your customers

To make your customers trust you, you need to solve their problems regularly without necessarily having them to pay for it. And one smart way to do that is to start sharing helpful contents.

Trust is built when your customers realize you are more interested in how they feel about the product you are selling to them than the sales you are trying to make. They want to be sure you care before they can buy from you.

Like I said earlier, sharing helpful content is the smartest way to attract, keep and sell to them. If you are a busy person you may need to hire the services of an experienced freelance writer to help you do that regularly.

Don’t sell products you don’t know how they work. Otherwise your customers will lose their trust for you if the product gave them a bad experience. Before you promote any product, be sure you have used it. If it has flaws, be sincere to let them know with alternative.

4. Don’t sell products; sell benefits

Emotional intelligence is what most sales experts in this 21st century are using to wield some level of power. Customer satisfaction, future business and decision to recommend your product to their friends is based on an emotional connection with the salesperson.

Most times, you are probably not the first nor the second salesperson to present the very product or service you are trying to sell them. They have seen it countless time. And you know what, that makes your job even harder because they are already suffering from information overload.

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So to connect, you should sell benefits instead of analyzing features of your product. Pinpoint strategic ways your product will help to solve their immediate and pressing needs.

5. Use social media to grow your email list

Human beings don’t take decision at the same rate; some are fast decision takers while others are slow decision takers. Not everyone who come across your pitch on social media will take action immediately to your checkout section to throw their credit card digits at you. Some will have to deliberate over it again and again.

In order to make serious sales on social media you must be committed to developing a system that will incorporate these categories of people.

How can it be achieved? List building

Building and growing your email list is the only way you can achieve this. Having an email list will help you collect the email addresses of your customers for present and future marketing. With their email addresses with you, you can continue to sell them more products and services in the future.

To grow your email list, you may need to do a giveaway where you will request the email address of your fans in exchange for a detail research in eBook, video or audio format.

If handled well, it will turn out to be your most powerful asset.


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Making money anywhere is not easy, more so on social media. It requires hard work. If you are not ready to put in the work, don’t bother starting because you will be frustrated. But if you are ready to take the bull by the horn like I’m doing, then your success is sure.

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