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Recent events and developments in our country may have come as a rude shock to many but expected by a few who are versed in socio-political issues and trends. While this article is not directed at appraising this administration or any other, it is an undeniable fact that the country is currently facing recession; the signs are there for all to see.

Hopefully the country will rise and emerge stronger and wiser than ever before with new lessons learnt. There are lots of lessons to be learnt both by the government and citizens so that in the event of a re-occurrence, there would be mechanisms to annul the effects of another recession in a situation where it cannot be totally avoided.

Often times when there is an economic recession, there are usually job cuts on a wide scale as most companies struggle to stay in business. Those who are affected in most cases cannot get employment elsewhere because other firms are equally downsizing. The last resort of those who are affected is self-employment. This is where entrepreneurship comes to play. Many educated people do not have any skills other than the education they possess. This makes it difficult for them to engage in other things other than buying and selling which many people are not really good at.

Golden Rule: You need an extra skill

Against this backdrop, it is obvious that entrepreneurship alone should not just be inculcated in our academic curriculum; handcraft and technical knowledge should be included as well. With these, kids will not just acquire paper qualifications but basic skills required for survival in an unstable economy filled with so much uncertainties. The economy will be the better off with this scheme as it will ensure every child will be empowered not just with academic knowledge.

When there is an economic boom, people will choose to either go for proper employment or prefer to stay self-employed as entrepreneurs or where possible, marry both options together. In the event of a recession and subsequent job loss there will be an alternative which would as well help to keep food on the tables of families and help shore up the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country and would aid in bringing back the economy on its feet faster than any other policy the government will adopt in combating the recession.

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The government on its part should make sure that every child is trained on a skill before he/she becomes eighteen years old and every family on its own part should not wait on the government to implement or enforce this but they should see it as a duty and as an obligation which will help make sure the survival of every child in any situation or wherever they find themselves.

The extra year a child spends at home after secondary school awaiting tertiary education should not be wasted. It is enough to learn a trade or a skill. The long vacations will also be used to learn something. Children learn faster and are humble with open hearts. It is never too late to start now. Even university undergraduates and graduates should ponder on this and take the bull by the horn. We can pull through this recession by ourselves.


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