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There’s nothing as frustrating as missing basic office supplies, especially when you are establishing a start-up. Every office needs some basic office supplies to keep it running smoothly.  We may not consider to have all the office supplies but the moment we don’t have any, we realize it’s worth.

Just when you are running late for your meeting, you rush to take an important printout of the handouts to be given and the copier runs out of paper!  Writing tools always go missing when we need them badly to scribble down a number or some notes.

Courtesy of the folks at OfficeRock, here are some important office supplies your startup must have from the first day at your new office space:

Office Supplies #1: Technology Supplies

For the new generation offices, technology supplies are the first priority.

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You need the workstations, a printer, scanner, copier, projector for the presentations and some supporting software depending on your industry.  For example, the advertising and marketing sector will greatly benefit from image editing tools like Photoshop and Market Analysis tools.

Software and Infrastructure are now available as shared services (SaaS) and hence, check out the options available before investing in them.  You definitely cannot go ahead without these!

You may keep a couple of additional keyboards and mouse just in case one or two of them refuse to work.  Make sure that they are all regularly serviced and well maintained for smooth running.

Office Supplies #2:  Furniture and Storage

Every office needs the basic infrastructure – cabins, storage, cupboards, file cabinets, lockers etc. these are essential for efficient storage of your smaller supplies.  Ergonomically designed chairs are as important too or else, you will be putting your employees in serious health hazards.

Office Supplies #3:  Printing/Copier Paper

Offices cannot do without paper, how much ever you try to make it paperless!  You need them to send signed correspondence to clients or vendors.  You need them to make notes during presentations or meetings. You need them for a smooth running office without fail.  So make sure you have a healthy supply of good quality all-purpose printing paper, bond paper, photo paper etc. depending on your industry.

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Office Supplies #4:  Printing Supplies

If you have the technology, you need the supplies too.  When you have a printer, keep a pair of additional cartridges, ribbons or toners whatever your printer consumes.  Similarly, CDs, DVDs, and tapes too will come handy if you need to record and distribute your work.

Office Supplies #5:  Staplers, Pins, Paper Clips

Staplers, pins and paper clips help keep your papers and files together, more organized.  You need to have ample supplies of good quality office stationary to keep everything in order, without spoiling your reputation as well as the work was done.

Office Supplies #6:  Scissors, Paper Cutters

Of course, cutting tools are a necessary tool for the office.  When you have paper, you may need to cut them.  Moreover, the scissors and paper cutters come handy with the inbound letters and other parcels.  Basic cutting tools are something you cannot do without in any office.

Office Supplies #7:  Files and Folders

You definitely need some files and folders on your computer too.  You need to store important papers of regulations, licenses, certificates and sanctions that you need to carefully file and keep in safe storage.  Files and folders are an integral part of office supplies that are very important too.  They say a lot about your discipline and organizing.

Keep files of different colors for different purposes.  Say you can keep the licenses in a green file, the quality documents in a blue file, the resumes in a yellow file and so on.  Just make sure you note down the color codes and give clear instructions to your documentation and administration teams to follow them strictly.  You need to label your files legibly so that you can find the information required very quickly.

Office Supplies #8:  Writing Tools

Pens, markers, pencils, erasers, ruler etc. are the very basics of any office.  So have ample supplies of different types of writing tools used for different purposes.  If your office involves in drawing sketches or plans, have the pencils, brushes, and colors too so that your work will continue smoothly any time of the day, or even at night.

Office Supplies #9:  Mailing Supplies

Envelopes of different sizes, glue, sticky tape etc. are essential mailing supplies that you need to stock too.  When you are handing over any written or printed document or invoice to your customer, you need to neatly put them in an envelope and give.  If you want to send couriers or letters, you need envelopes of different sizes for different kinds of communications and glue or sticky tape.  Keeping a stock of packing tape too will come handy when you have to send parcels to your employees overseas or to your clients.

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Office Supplies #10:  Trash Cans and Bags

An office cannot do without trash cans and bags.  Keep a medium sized trashcan near every workstation and at every coffee/water joint, in the toilets, in the office, near the copier and near the reception too.  You need to calculate how many trash cans or bins you will need and order ones that sync with your office interiors or look alike.  You need the bags too to put the trash away regularly.  Meeting days can keep the trash cans very busy and hence, make sure you have enough and more trash bags in store.


These basic office supplies need to be in place, from the day your office starts.  If you are in the process of starting an office, note them down and source them all without fail.

Many organizations even keep a separate set of supplies in each workstation so that the employees do not have to run around seeking them when they are in need.  Other than these important supplies, you will need cleaning supplies, calendars and planners, meeting supplies such as writing pads and tools, stamps and stamp pads (seals) and the whiteboard/screen.  You may also keep additional lights, batteries, emergency lamps and a first-aid kit that are as important too.

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Keeping motivating images and slogans in strategic locations in the office helps better the ambiance while keeping a healthy supply of the basic office stationery makes your resources more productive.

About Author: Jayalekshmi is the Junior Analyst at She is specializing in the field of Email marketing. She is also passionate about music and reading.


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