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Have you ever felt like giving up? Do you sometimes feel like nothing is working out and the only logical option available is to pack up, throw in the towel and just quit? You are not alone. I have had my share of dark days and I continue to have them.

In this post I will share with you some of the things I do to motivate myself when I feel like I’m down and out. You will find some of these tips to be effective when you apply them.

An entrepreneur’s journey is a series of ups and downs, successes and failures. The ones who succeed are the ones who did not quit. It is my hope that, in this post, you will find motivation to continue and succeed against all odds.

5 things i do to keep myself going when I feel like giving up

1. Revisit my objectives

One thing that keeps me going when I feel low is knowing the reason I do what I do. When I look at my objectives – my goals, my ambition, and the problems I am trying to solve – I feel a surge of energy and passion. It is very reawakening.

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It is easy to become so occupied with the bustle and hustle of everyday life that we forget what our core motives are.

As an entrepreneur, you should have a clear business plan which should detail, among many other things, your core objectives. When the days get dark, get your business plan and take another look at it. Not only will it motivate you, it would also tell you if you are still on track or if there is something you need to correct.

2. Visualize success

Part of revisiting my objectives is visualizing what achieving those goals would feel like. With this, I can remind myself not to rest until I have achieved those goals.

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One dream of every entrepreneur is to live a financially independent life. I visualize this life. What would I do if I finally fulfill my financial dreams? I paint this picture in my mind, I hold it there for a while, I enjoy it, I live it.

Another way I visualize success is to look at people I admire who have succeeded. I read their story and motivate myself to keep marching on. For example, here is a revelation from millionaire entrepreneur, Gordon Miller:

Uber pitched 522 times and heard NO each time, including from us. On the 523rd pitch they got a YES. (source)

You see where I’m going with this? Five hundred and twenty-two times! When I read what these guys went through to achieve success, I’m inspired to succeed against all odds.

3. Achieve small results and celebrate them

In my experience, the tiring thing about building a business is working long periods without seeing results, or getting negative results. This is usually because we set big goals and want to achieve them all at once. But achieving small successes can help you sustain your drive.

Set small goals and celebrate yourself when you meet them. This works wonders for me.

4. Take a break

I enjoy taking a break now and then. It is amazing what wonders a little vacation could work. Get away for a while. It could be for a day, a week or even 1 month depending on what level your business development is.

Having a break away from work leaves you refreshed and energized. You begin to see things afresh and ready to go for the next few months or years. Remember, it is a marathon not a sprint. You will be doing this for a long time so get away for a while. Leave work behind. It will be there when you return.

5. Touch bases with my network

I have been blessed to know a lot intelligent and awesome people who have become my friends and sources of inspiration. This is powerful because in them I have a pool of wisdom, information and motivation to tap from when I need them.

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As a blogger, I have learnt a lot from people like Stanley Edom (, Hadassah Agbaps (, Dilim Okeke ( and Emenike Emmanuel ( Their support has been pivotal to my overall success. There are many more I can’t mention now. My point is to have a network you can rely on for information and inspiration.

Having a network of like-minded people is so important to your success as an entrepreneur. You may run fast alone but you can go very far with a team. How solid is your network? Who is in your team? If you don’t have a network, start building one now.

One problem most Nigerian entrepreneurs have, especially beginners, is they want to be in a network where they can ask without sharing and receive without giving. This parasitic mindset is the very opposite of what a healthy network should be.


As an entrepreneur, you will have many times you wish to give up. There will be many dark days when you feel there is no respite for your labor. But that is when you know your success is at hand. Find whatever it is that keeps you motivated and keep doing that thing.

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  1. Hi Chinedu,

    This is great. You re-awakened me with this piece. Holding an image of your perceived result can do a great magic in bringing us back to our vision track.

    Last time I took a break to visit and chill off stress at Ibeno Beach, I can tell you how that experience boosted my creativity cum income the week later. Leaving work some times can be very good to our health.

    Thanks for doing a great job here. More so, thanks for the mention. Anyone who feels like giving up needs to read this.

    Emenike Emmanuel

  2. Thanks for the useful words. I had almost given in my online money making dream, but with this post I feel revived again. Thanks samuel


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