ways to make money as a writer

Do you want to know what it takes to make money as a writer?

Are you tired of writing for free with nothing to show for all your efforts?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then be rest assured this article will be one of the best things coming your way this year.

Though it took me years trying to master all these revenue channels to making money as writer but I am well convinced you don’t need to spend as much years as I have because you now have a complete guide to making money as a writer.

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In this blog post, I will teach you 5 basic ways you can make money as a writer even if you are just starting out. You can turn this hobby of yours into your goldmine.

5 Ways to Make Money as a Writer

1. Freelance writing

With several busy people and organizations in need of content for expanding their reach, there will always be need for them to hire the services of trained freelance writers. What that means is that if you have an expertise knowledge on any subject of public interest, you are invariably already eligible to land freelance writing gig.

Ranging from product reviews to public relations, writers have played key roles in determining how customers react to certain products.

The opportunities available to freelance writers are endless. So many bloggers are in need of freelance writers who they can outsource the content development of their blog to. And for you to make them look in your direction you must prove to them that you deserve it.

One of the most popular sites for freelancers is Fiverr.com. People make 5-figure income just offering their services on Fiverr. You too can get started. Create your profile and get started immediately.

In order to prove your mettle as a freelance writer who deserve to hired, you must:

  • focus on a niche
  • work hard to dominate your niche
  • build your own blog which serves as your résumé
  • build authority by guest posting on other blogs.

2. Publish and sell eBook

Every writer has the capacity to become an author. It doesn’t have to be over-beaten before you can understand this.

If you can write, you can as well author an eBook and if it is true that you can author an eBook, it means you can make money as well selling them.

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But the question you need to answer is, “Are people already talking about what you want to publish in your eBook?”

If yes, then you’ve sealed the right topic, otherwise, don’t even bother publishing it because it won’t sell.

To make money as a writer, publishing and selling ebooks, all you need to do are:

  • Gather and re-edit at least 5 of your articles of 1,000 words each that are on the same niche
  • Pick a topic that people are already talking about
  • Give it to a professional editor to edit and proofread
  • Get a graphic designer to work on it and in few days your eBook is out.

You may decide to market it on your blog, Amazon kindle digital publishing (KDP), your Facebook page or through any Nigerian online bookstores. If you are selling directly from your blog you may want to use the e-Commerce plugin or SimplePay.ng (Nigerian payment gateway) to receive payment.

3. Book review

Are you analytical?

Do you have a knack for precision?

Do you have the capacity to read into the heart of an author, interpreting words the author may never have thought of?

If yes, then this way of making money as a writer will serve you well.

At the launch of every new book, an author will always demand for the presence of a book reviewer to help them review their book. And you know what, a good number of these book reviewers are not “Father Christmas,” they charge authors heavily to review their books.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be on a live event, book reviews are also done online. On Fiverr, writers charge between $5 to $50 to review a book, depending on the volume.

You know what that means, they are being paid to read.

Come to think of it, when last did someone pay you to read a book?

Read and earn is one of the opportunities writers have which most people in other professions don’t have. From time to time, I get calls from people asking me to help them review their books so they can come up with key points with which they can construct their sales copy and infographics. And guess what, I charge them to do that. You too can do same.

4. Editing and Proofreading

No book becomes a best-seller except it went through thorough editing and proofreading process. Until a book goes through the second and third eyes of editors and proofreader, such book is not fit for public consumption. Otherwise it will be causing more harm than it intended to solve.

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What exactly am I saying?

In essence, editors and proofreaders have endless opportunities.

If you are a writer with high skill in the use of English language, then this segment of making money as a writer will suit you well.

Using social media, yellow pages or your personal blog you can advertise your services to people who might have a need for you.

If you think you have all it takes to make money from editing and proofreading people’s work, I recommend you join writers’ forum/club online or in your locality.


In this digital world where technology is beginning to drive every sector of the economy, it will be quite difficult for you to beat the competition operating on a low budget without a blog.

Every writer needs a blog. With your blog, you will likely spend less on advertisement. And like I said earlier, having your own blog is like having a CV, it makes finding writing gigs easier.

Ranging from writing sponsored posts to selling advertising spaces, writers can make huge income through blogging. They are cases where writers through their blogs ask that their readers must subscribe to their newsletters to have access to it.


Have I been able to convince you that writers are not to be pitied? Oh yes! They have the capacity to earn more than what you can ever imagine. As writers in Nigeria, we have so many channels through which we can make money.

There are other ways you can make money as a writer such as Copywriting, sponsored blogging, memoirs, etc. You need to have established yourself as a pro to take things further in those areas.

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If you can apply at least one of these ways of making money as a writer, then I can assure you that your days of lack are over. Never again will you be reluctant to follow your writing passion.

Do you know of more ways writers can make money writing? Do you have any further challenge monetizing your writing gift? Leave a comment for us below.


  1. Thanks a lot:

    I’m a copywriter specialising in writing email copies for internet marketers.

    Nice of you to share this. I hope to do something like this when am done seting up my blog.

    You are such an inspiration.

    Do let me know if you accept guest posts, cos I’d love to contribute somethng here

    Much love

  2. I am an inspired writer,a novelist,a critic, a sports writer and analyst, a motivational and visionary speaker. I have a lot of short stories I wish to publish and sell but need you to assist me oratory.thanks.


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