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Editor’s Note: Judith Uzoma is an event planner with a difference – she plans events for kids. The first time I heard about Kiddies Fantasy, I was pleasantly surprised. In this age of technology and gadgets and whatnot, children are forgetting how to play – you know good, laugh-till-you-pee fun, the kind we used to have back in the days. Kiddies Fantasy is out to change all that. Because of the uniqueness of this concept and the project behind it, Judith Uzoma is our Next Nigerian Entrepreneur. Enjoy this…

My name is Judith Uzoma. I am a Microbiologist; I hail from Imo state, Nigeria. I am the CEO of Kiddies Fantasy, an event planning outfit for kids. KIDDIES FANTASY is a child-friendly company which organizes events for entertaining, celebrating, guiding and educating kids. We started by planning parties for children and, gradually, we have developed a more wholesome package to improve the social, health, mental and physical well-being of children.

We bring a unique concept and our entry is perfectly timed. We have so much technology these days that kids find even less and less time to have good old clean fun. We are a breath of fresh air and we make each and every event memorable for the kids. Such things stay with them a lifetime.

What was your motivation for choosing this niche?

My motivation for Kiddies Fantasy is my passion for kids and the quest to make them happy, as well as my wanting to be my own boss and an employer of labor. When my clients appreciate me and use words like “kudos”, “well done” I get even more motivated.

How much have you grown and what are your major challenges?

No one ever grows enough. Our vision is to be a household name in Enugu state and beyond, so our growth has been steady and we gain more recognition everyday.

My major challenges were finances and location, but I have a resilient spirit and dogged determination. I never give up no matter the odds. Then the gift of a wonderful family and caring friends helped me pull through.

What is your most memorable moment since you founded Kiddies Fantasy?

The most outstanding moment was when we had our “ground breaking” independence day party in 2015. We hosted over 500 children in Enugu state. We had some big child-friendly companies partner with us, like Indomie, Peak Milk, Coca-Cola, Fidelity Bank (Sweeta account for kids) and Sunrise FM. It was our first trial and the event was super successful.

Where do you see Kiddies Fantasy 5 years from now?

In 5 years, I would like to have a learning academy where young talents are discovered and nurtured effectively, from acquiring vocational skills to etiquette classes, spelling bee and lots more. I see Kiddies Fantasy becoming the primary choice for every children festivity. I see it as an irresistible part of every function both for kids and adults.

More women are bursting into the limelight, embracing entrepreneurship and making a difference. Yet some women are led to believe they belong primarily in the kitchen. Your thoughts?

Women are the building blocks of men and home makers too. Like the saying goes: behind every successful man there is a woman. The kitchen is an added advantage but it doesn’t put food on the table; Entrepreneurship contributes positively in supporting a family.

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3 books that influenced your life the most?

These 3 books changed my life the most: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Total Woman by Marabel Morgan and Power Of a Praying wife by Stormie Omartian

What is your advice to young unemployed women in Nigeria?

Develop an entrepreneurial spirit, rediscover yourself and carve a niche for example, Agriculture, Catering Services, Bead making, Event planning, Fashion Designing and lots more.

What is your one recipe for success?

God over Everything!

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Kiddies Fantasy is on Facebook. Judith has done an amazing job putting this outfit together. You can check them out on their Facebook page, Instagram (Kiddies Fantasy) or contact them via email: 

So what do you think about Kiddies Fantasy? Let me know in the comments box. By the way, you can check our other Featured Entrepreneurs and read their amazing stories. If you are an entrepreneur, contact us today and we will see about having you join our Featured Entrepreneurs up there.




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