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Does the idea of working from home appeal to you? I want to show you 15 home business ideas that can make you over $1,000 in consistent monthly income starting from today.

In this internet driven era, your office is where you make it, and your options to make money are endless. These business ideas are online-based and require that you understand how digital marketing works.

You don’t have to be a guru, though, because even a newbie could do any of these things and that is why the internet is so awesome. All it takes is some business intelligence and the much more important common sense.

Without wasting much of your time, let me show you 15 ways you can work from home, wherever your home is, and build a sustainable full-time income.

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15 home business ideas you can start from wherever your home is

1. Mini-Importation

Mini-importation means buying small quantities of items you would like to resell as opposed to importing large shipments of that same item. The difference is that you can start mini-importation with as little capital as you can afford.

You won’t ever have to leave your room because you can place your order, make payment, and have the items brought to your house. Then you can list those items on e-commerce stores like Jumia or Amazon and make money selling them.

An example is when I bought a few pieces of this necklace and sold them to my friends, making over 150% profit.

I have a video course on importation you definitely want to check out here.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the easiest, quickest and best ways to make money online without making any capital investments. If you have skills people are willing to outsource, you are in for some cool money ride.

People make full-time income working as freelancers for people. One thing is, you need to be good at what you do. If you cannot do the job, don’t accept it.

I see people who pose as freelance writers on Fiverr or Freelancer but cannot put 3 correct sentences together. If you don’t do a good job, people will give you negative reviews and it will ruin your freelancing career.

Here are 5 online skills you can learn in the next couple of weeks and start making money as a freelancer.

3. Forex trading

I only started Forex trading quite recently and I can tell you it’s a very rewarding experience. It’s also very, very risky because you can lose all your money if you are not careful. I blew my first investment before I got the idea.

If you don’t have the stomach for risk, if you cannot tame your emotions, don’t think of going anywhere near Forex trading.

If you think Forex trading is your cup of tea, then you need to spend a considerable amount of time learning everything you can before you dip even a toe. Babypips.com has an amazing beginners’ course on Forex trading; it’s completely free and very good. It’s every Forex trader’s best friend, babypips.com.

4. E-commerce

E-commerce simply means selling stuff online. I’m just saying it because some people seem to think e-commerce means you must have a large online shop like Ebay, Amazon or Jumia.

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One way to approach this is to combine it with mini-importation. This is because you can get those items at very cheap prices, with little or no shipping costs and resell them at current market prices, netting yourself very cool profits.

Checkout some ways you can start e-commerce without spending much money.

5. Information Marketing

Everyday, people look for information that can help them live better lives. If you have information that can help people make more money, live healthier lives, or even live forever (you get the idea…), people are willing to pay you to get such information.

You can present your information as an e-book, videos, podcast, a blog, YouTube blog, etc. The idea is to give people what they are looking for.

6. Start a Blog

Information marketing works best with blogging. You are reading my blog right now and it’s possible to have many people reading your blog the same way you are reading mine. There are only a few online ideas more rewarding that blogging.

The thing about blogging is that you can integrate so many other income sources into your blog, like affiliate marketing, freelancing, e-commerce, information marketing, advertising, etc.

Take a look at this blog; you will see these income sources scattered all over.

You may not make a lot at first, but with dedication, patience and lots of traffic, you will get there. It is easy to start a blog and you can do so from the comfort of your home. Checkout this blogging course, my free gift to all the awesome people like you.

7. Affiliate Marketing

If you are a blog owner, you could start up the affiliate marketing. It is quite a cool way to make lots of money online.

Affiliate marketing means you refer people to buy a product or service, and you get paid a commission when they buy the product or service. You must not have a blog to make money from affiliate marketing but having a blog sure helps, especially with sustaining the business for the long term.

This beginners’ guide to affiliate marketing will help you get started.

8. Rent out extra space

So many people have lots of extra space in their lands or building, and they just leave it wasting there. If you have any space in your land, you can offer it up for rent and make lots of money monthly from it. Depending on the size of the space and what it will be used for, you could make as much as $1,000 monthly.

9. Write for websites

As a writer, your opportunities to make money from your home are plenty. There are lots of sites that pay writers to write for them, over 45 of them are on this list.

Do your research properly online and you will find lots of sites which offer this opportunity. Now, you could be making as much as $1000 monthly depending on how much you are working.

10. Tutoring

If you are skilled in any particular area or field, you could start up online tutoring. It is very simple, and you will enjoy it too if you enjoy teaching. There are several sites which could help you get started with your tutoring business such as Tutor.com.

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You could also package your information as a course and sell it on Udemy.com.

11. Online surveys

Online survey is a great way to make some cool monthly income. You will fine many good survey websites online where all you need to do is give your opinion on products and offers, and make money.

Unfortunately, online surveys does not work in every country. It only just started working in Nigeria and it does not pay much so I wouldn’t worry much about this one. If you live outside Nigeria, though, it may be worth looking into.

12. Dropshipping

Sites such as eBay and Amazon allow you to buy and sell on their site. The way dropshipping works is you place an order with the seller on behalf of the buyer, with the buyer thinking you ARE the seller. The seller will then deliver the product to the buyer on your behalf thinking you aaare the buyer. Basically, you sit in-between and make money.

OK, the devil is in the details, but overall, dropshipping is an excellent business model that thrives on e-commerce. It doesn’t work so well in Nigeria because most buyers would prefer to pay you on delivery which basically defeats the very aim of dropshipping.

Do your due diligence before you wade into this one.

13. Graphics designing

As a graphic designer, you could be making so much money online from your home monthly, especially when you work as a freelance graphic designer. You do not need to be confined to an office space. You can work directly from home.

14. SEO Consulting

Many brands are constantly looking to either get some search engine traffic or to retain their search engine rankings. They usually set aside a sizable budget for their online visibility. This is because search engine traffic is regarded as the best and most consistent traffic source for any web property.

Competent SEO consultants are always in demand and are well paid for the job they do. To start this, you need to master search engine optimization to the point that you can boast of getting any website to the front page of SERPS.

15. Marketing and PR

Starting a marketing and PR consulting business is another sure way of making it big monthly. Your clients could just be small business owners and professionals, and you will be working from your home at your own comfort. If you are very serious about this business, you would be making a couple of thousands of dollars monthly.

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These home business ideas should get you started if working from home is something you are interested in. There are many more, of course. The important thing is to have a course of action and pursue that course until it yields results.

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  1. Comment: Thanks 4 d article on Home business ideas. Pls am a graphic designer & I also bake. Pls which site or how can I place advert online to get more freelance graphics Jobs & contract 4 baking cakes 4 events.

    • Hello Joy,

      You can advertise your business on social media – Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. You can also use forums like Nairaland to spread the word about what you do. There are lots of channels, you need to test them and see which one works best for you.

  2. Pls I need some one that’s very good in online marketing
    I have lots of products that people need here in Nigeria
    If ur good in online marketing we can share the profit together for every client u give me


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