Virtual phone system

Virtual Phone System is a fixed telephone line linked to a VoIP line, which alludes to the particular city, state or country, without there being a real installation in that place. Because it is virtual, it can be used precisely to provide mobility and ease of installation.

Virtual phone system works like a conventional telephone, but uses the existing internet network as a means of voice transmission. Using VoIP means making connections over the internet to manage and run the company phone system. Here are few ways through which virtual phone PBX systems enhance the business communication.

Expansion Of Presence

This virtual phone enables the expansion of the company’s phone system presence to other territories, further expanding business but without the need for a large investment in infrastructure for this.

Reaching Out Customers More Efficiently

The great competitive strategy that leads companies to adhere to this type of service is that providing a contact in the city of the consumer can make the relationship with him/her easier, since customers prefer to call by paying a local connection cost.

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Flow Of Calls

A virtual phone system expressively raises the flow of incoming calls in the company; we know very well that leads can often be converted into sales and thus into profits for the business.

Call Centre Communication

It is also possible to further professionalize the service of virtual numbers by linking to a virtual phone PBX system. By adding this extremely low cost service, you can increase your communication with call center, making a better impression on your customer.

Easy Access To Company Phone System

Another great advantage of the virtual phone system is the possibility of roaming, that is, the calls can be made or received at home, on the street or anywhere in the world, and works in the same way that it would work inside the office connection. Hence increasing access to company phone system. Thus, it is easy to close any type of business in any situation since the network is portable and connected to other extensions in the same way.

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Prevent Possible Congestion

Another facility for having a virtual platform to manage the extensions is that by interconnecting the company phone system in digital channels you avoid possible congestion, busy lines and lost calls, because the system re-allocates the calls to the lines available at the moment.

Low Cost International Calls

Reducing costs is also one of the most helpful factors of the virtual phone PBX systems since the connections between the extensions of lines installed in the same company are free. In addition, international calls have very low costs and connections to affiliated companies are also free. This enhances and makes easy the communication of a company with clients or other stakeholders.

Detailing Access

Imagine how your day-to-day life would be easier if you could access your company’s online administrative panel, through which you could add new contacts, view detailed extracts of each extension, check main call information and even update daily data. This is one of the great advantages of the virtual phone PBX system.

Multiple User Connection

In terms of mobility, the virtual phone system allows employees, departments and branches of the company to work together on the same call at the same time, wherever they are anywhere in the world. One of the strengths of the virtual phone system is related to not worrying about which carrier will talk. Nowadays it is very common to see, mainly executives, circulating with 2, 3 or more cellular handsets. This is so that they can meet the demand of all their customers, and make calls to any operator and place in the world, in the least costly way possible.

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Unified Network Structure

Virtual phone system unifies the network structure into a simple interface, making it easy to use and speeding up your communication. The Virtual phone system is the one that is most closely connected to the Internet, because it uses virtual extensions of the devices that have an active connection with the large network of computers. It works online, so cost reduction is another good thing, since this technology allows you to make free calls between the extensions of your business.

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Virtual phone system is a very interesting and fully scalable solution. No matter the size of the business, the virtual phone system integrated into a virtual phone PBX system will always be much more than just cost reduction. Technology is a strong ally for companies that leverage their potential. The communication between matrix and branches can be uncomplicated, which reflects even in the relations with the final consumer. Free from inconvenience and bureaucracy, the client will find in his business the treatment he would like and the comfort to invest more and more.

David J. is a business analyst for unified communication, after working on several projects he has been serving in the field of Telecommunication and helping small businesses to grow further by choosing right Office Phone System for their offices.


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