Export Finance: Best Options to Raise Capital for your Non-Oil Export Business

export finance

This is a sequel to our earlier published agro-export business guide. Because every exporter or would-be exporter contends with the problem of export finance at one point or other in their business cycle, I will show you the best options to raise capital for your export business. Let us put that matter to bed once and for all.

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This article will cover how to approach a bank for export loan, reasons your loan application could be denied and how to avoid that. Lastly, we will look at better options for new exporters to raise money for export business without taking bank loan.

Previously, we looked at how you can start your own agriculture commodity export business from scratch. On a bigger picture, we highlighted 50 very lucrative agriculture business ideas you can start in Nigeria to build your wealth. If you missed any of those I encourage you to go take a look, there must be something there to interest you.

Nigeria’s export industry remains largely underutilized because we are still waking up from our oil-induced slumber and government is making every effort to promote economic diversification through non-oil exports. This is a golden opportunity for the smart entrepreneur to key in and prosper. Yes, export business is very profitable and the earning potentials will only increase in the coming years

Whenever the issue of export finance is raised people mostly think about export loan. However, banks deny more loan applications than they approve. This usually leads to frustration and creates a perfect excuse for the exporter to abandon the business.

Why do banks deny export finance loan applications?

Yes, banks provide export loan facilities to exporters to strengthen the non-oil export sector of the economy. In fact, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) recently unveiled a N500 billion low-interest rate non-oil export facility in June, 2016, as part of efforts to boost activities in the non-oil sector of the economy. The fund is managed and issued by the Nigeria Export-Import Bank (NEXIM). You can check it out right now and commence your own application process.

Banks approve loans all the time. Good examples are NEXIM Bank and Access Bank.

However, if you are new to export business it would be very difficult, almost impossible, for any bank to give you export loan. The reason is simple: you don’t lend money to someone who has no business experience. The business could go bust and your money would go with it.

For this reason, bank loan is more suitable for business expansion than for business takeoff. Export business is no different. Before you approach a bank for loan, you should strive to carry out a minimum of 2-3 export cycles with your own money, no matter how small. Not only will you gain vital business experience, you will be able to show the bank that you know what you are doing and your chances for success are good.

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Bankers’ concerns on export loans

Here are some questions banks expect you to answer before you apply for export loan:

  1. Have you done this before? How many times? What is your level of experience? It is difficult to give money to someone who has no experience.
  2. Do you have a buyer?
  3. Do you have a payment guarantee?
  4. Are you aware of the risks involved and how do you plan to mitigate them? Export business, like any business, carries some risks such as: transportation, fraud at the farm gate, delivery risks, post-shipment risks, documentation risks, etc. Banks would want to know if you are aware of these risks.
  5. Do you have the right quality for the commodity you plan to export?

If a bank is not satisfied with your answer to any of the above questions, it might be difficult to give you the loan assistance you seek.

How to get bank loan for your export business

Here are some basic requirements for export loan in any bank:

  1. Export license: you need to have an export license; you cannot be in export business without one. You will find requirements and procedure to get your own export license in the e-book below.
  2. Business feasibility plan: you need a business plan to show the long/short term feasibility of the business.
  3. A certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  4. A valid export contract: This is to show that, yes, you have a buyer for the commodity you intend to export.
  5. Acceptable payment instrument: A payment instrument is a guarantee that you will get your money at the end of the transaction. Among the various payment instruments available, Letter of Credit is more acceptable.
  6. Bank financial statements
  7. Evidence of previous exports

To recap, for you to apply for and get export loan, you must have been in the export business for a while. But how do you raise money for your very first export trade?

The best way to raise money for your first export trade is your personal savings. It is your commitment to your own business and in the event of a loss, you only lose your own money as opposed to being neck deep in debt.

For your first time, you have better chances with micro-finance banks, cooperative societies and angel investors than commercial banks. There are so many of them. Just look around you or do a simple search on google. This article show you 5 places you can locate angel investors.

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There are other options available for you to source capital, like family and friends, partnerships, joint venture, etc. Export business is much like any other business. It is very lucrative but it is not a stroll in the park. Read this article to learn how to raise capital to start your business.

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