You’re Not Doing Business Right in 2019 If You’re Not Doing These Things

Competition is stiff today in the business world. It takes a keen mind and constant vigilance to stay ahead of the crowd. No matter what your company does, improvements should be sought all the time. You must rise with the tide, or you risk sinking.

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While the traditional ways of doing a job are still there, modernization has brought with it a ton of alternative routes for you and your business to get done what needs to get done. And though the year is reaching its end, there has never been a better time to streamline your business.

If you’re not doing these things, it’s only a matter of time before you’re facing business bankruptcy.

Communication with Customers: Be Quick, Be truthful

If someone is paying you for a service, you can’t blame them for getting demanding at times. They expect answers and they expect them quickly – after all, they gave you their money.

The best thing you can do is keep them up to date with everything, no matter how good or bad, and the worst thing you can do is being gun-shy about delivering bad news.

Keep Your Team Focused

Let’s face it, computers are wonderful inventions for getting work done, but they’re equally great at providing distraction – and as we all know, distraction and productivity are often at odds with each other.

It’s a good idea to make sure that the concept of accountability is iterated and illustrated as high priority to your team. Obviously not all employees work the same way or operate on the same wavelength.

While your part is to give them enough time to reasonably finish their work with the quality needed, you may want to think about checking in on them periodically to make sure that they are holding up their end of the bargain and not just wasting everyone’s time and money.

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The Advantages of Automation

Modern technology is an absolute game-changer when it comes to the operation of a business. Whereas certain menial tasks may have required manpower to complete 20 years ago, technology can shoulder a lot of that burden now.

Automation software is game-changer for certain industries, and if you’re not taking advantage, you’re missing out.

One major benefit of automation is the way it inherently cuts down on human error. As great as your accounting department is, a high volume of invoices being handled day in and day out leaves ample opportunity for mistakes.

For tasks like this, it makes sense to opt for something a little more foolproof like e-invoicing software. Automation software is a game-changer in other business realms, like DRaaS, digital marketing, project management, and the list goes on and on.

This allows you to allot manpower where you really need it, and cut down on senseless and painful missteps. This is not a matter of putting anyone out of work, but merely making better use of resources.

Keep Employees in the Loop

A small gesture goes a long way in this regard. Simply keeping employees in mind whenever there is a change to a system or procedure awards them with a sense of dignity, which goes a long way in maintaining the integrity of the workplace and relationship.

Don’t ever assume that telling them a new detail will go over their heads – on the contrary, the more you throw at them the more they will learn and the more quickly they will become bona fide superstars.

Considering the likelihood of you hiring millennials, who are often in a state of flux regarding employment, building trust can be a good way to empower both of you, your business, and reduce the chance of them leaving you.

Instill Passion

Make sure that your employees understand the full picture of the work being done at the workplace. Make sure they are appreciated, and give them reason to be proud to work where they do. After all, they are all part of something great.

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There will be days when morale is tangibly low in the office, but do your best to keep those days to a minimum, and maintain awareness as far as threats to team spirit.

Part of establishing a positive spirit can sometimes be boiled down to the physical atmosphere of the office. Are all the surroundings gray with nothing but lifeless fluorescent lights and the miserable hum of an industrial fan? Maybe this can be your excuse to spruce up the place.

Besides, the environment you create goes a long way in promoting mental health. It seems like a trendy issue, but it’s really not something to scoff at.

Employers lose employees all the time due to mental health-related disability claims. So if you want to avoid doing business with disability lawyers, it’s time to change up your company outlook on mental health in the workplace.

Embrace Change

Sure it can be tempting to keep the old model that you toiled so hard to create over the years, but you need to be able to assess the situation with a level head and implement innovations where they make sense. When automation is properly implemented into the business structure, you’ll be glad you made the adjustment and will probably never look back.

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With less money lost to payroll, time spent more efficiently and a minimization of room for mistakes, it becomes clear why the leaders in business are the ones harnessing the power of technology more effectively than the competition.


Susan Ranford is an expert on job market trends, financial advice, and business management. In her blogging and writing, she seeks to shed light on issues related to employment, business, and finance to help others understand different industries and find the right job fit for them.


  1. I try to automate a lot of processes for myself so I don’t get choked everyday with my online business. Like schedule most of the social media posts/promotions. I cannot emphasize enough how these has helped me.

    Again, the customer interaction process also helps me with adjusting and customizing the services I offer. It helps me know what majority prefers and acorns.

    Idle head


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