How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

create a facebook page

With over 1.65 billion users worldwide (Source), 16 million of them Nigerians (source), having a Facebook brand/fan page for your business is no longer something you do ‘when you have time’, it has become a necessity. In this step-by-step tutorial article, I will show you how to create a Facebook page for your business and set it up to increase visibility and traffic.

Before we get into details, what is a Facebook page and why does your business need one?

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A Facebook page is a profile page for organizations and companies, brands/products, local businesses, public figures, causes etc. It is the perfect branding tool for an organization or product. Look at the picture gallery below and see a sample Facebook page – our Facebook page, actually. A Facebook page is different from your personal Facebook account because while you make friends, your page gains ‘likes’. You can invite your friends to ‘like’ your page and anyone who likes your page, sees your page posts and has the option to like, share or comment. The more your posts are ‘liked’ and shared, the wider it circulates. That is what is meant by a post going viral.

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Why does your business need a Facebook page?

  1. A Facebook page is a perfect branding tool for your product/organization. It has all the features to make your brand stand out.
  2. It is a close alternative to having a website. While having a website could cost you some amount if you are not tech savvy, creating a Facebook page is entirely free of charge. Please note that having a website for your business is also, totally, a necessity.
  3. It enhances visibility of your product or organization: When you create a Facebook page, you can invite your friends to like your page. You can also boost your page, for a little token, and have it displayed to a lot more people. Depending on your budget, the more likes your page gets, the more visibility you have.
  4. Just like having a website makes your business look professional and serious, having a Facebook page makes your business stand out from your personal profile.
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How to create a Facebook page

Follow this step by step guide

  1. Visit:
  2. Choose an appropriate category for your page. There are 6 different classifications to choose from, each of them with different relevant fields. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will create a page for a Brand or Product.
  3. When you select a category, enter the name of your product/brand and the product category and proceed. At this point, your page is created. The next page that comes up lets you setup basic information about your page to improve performance and visibility. You can always skip this stage and come back to it later but since we are there, might as well do it.

Basic information:

  1. Write a brief description about your product and enter the product website and other social media accounts if you have them.
  2. Profile picture: your page needs a profile picture; Upload one. Your profile picture could be your logo or any image that describes your product.
  3. Add to favorites: You can add your page to the favorites section of your Facebook account for easy access.
  4. Preferred page audience: This is very important. You specify who your target audience is: their age range, location and language. This determines who sees your page and how relevant it will be to them. You would be losing a lot of precious attention and profits if you have a product in Nigeria and set your target location as Ghana or the US.

When you are done, you are introduced to your page admin panel. Facebook has an automated guide that will help you get familiar with the different parts and features of your page. I urge you to follow the guide and learn the different parts of your admin panel.

  1. Setup the about page: The about page is one of the most important areas of your page. It has every relevant information about your brand/product. Every detail here is important because it determines how people see your page and how serious they’ll think you are when they do see it.
  2. Make your first post. I recommend posting a brief intro about your product with fitting images or videos. This will add life, color and spice to your page.

When all is done, Congratulations! You have created your first Facebook page. There are other tips and methods to get your page more visible and increase traffic plus strengthen your brand. We will cover all of them in future tutorials. For this article, we have covered how to create a Facebook page for your business/product. Let me know your questions/contributions in the comment box. Cheers!


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