never give up

This is more like a follow-up on previous home business articles for entrepreneurs who are still new to the business world.

I want to encourage you with this article not to give up; this is just the beginning for you as an entrepreneur especially if you are already thinking of quitting because of the dwindling economy of the country.

Little drops, they say, makes a mighty ocean but do not forget that it is if the tiny drop does not cease. Persistence is important!

It is easier said than done you may say…yes, but still do not give up.

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I want you to think of a toddler as it learns to walk. Often times before the walking steps are perfected the young child falls, sometimes sits back and look around, and other times looks for things like tables or chairs it can use in supporting him or herself to rise again; often times some raise their hands to be carried.

The most amazing lesson to learn from that very young child is the unrelenting effort and determination to walk and move around freely without having to depend on anyone.

This illustration is really applicable to everyone in life but in this instance it is very applicable to those of us that are still very young in our business venture as well as those that are being challenged.

The Widow and the ‘Wicked Judge’

One of the greatest books ever written has a story of an importunate widow and a “wicked” judge. The judge was termed wicked by the entire community because of his lack of mercy and injustice and the judge himself knew what he was by affirming it.

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The widow would not give up or lose hope despite the surrounding challenge of not obtaining justice form the judge but she would not let that deter her from giving it her best shot and getting what she wanted.

She latter got what she wanted from the judge because of her unrelenting spirit and efforts.

If you are opportune to read this and it looks like there is no hope for your business to survive, Don’t Give Up! You have probably tried so many businesses and nothing just seems to be working, still do not give up!

I’ve Been There

This reminds me of one of the earliest days of a business I ventured into. I was discouraged by my immediate family and their reactions almost made me pray for an earthquake so that I would just stop existing. I was so discouraged that I almost regretted taking the first step in the first instance.

Lo (and behold), I did not throw in the towel because it was even too late for me to give up. I later got a call saying the entire goods I supplied had been purchased (it was a small quantity though. I always advise you start a new business small). At that very instance I wished I supplied more but then I was grateful that I didn’t give up in the first place despite the unfavorable circumstances.

Like the toddler learning to walk, you can seek for support structures to help boost your business and also to get motivated. This blog for instance is a support structure for you to succeed as an entrepreneur so feel free to let us in on how we can be of help to you.

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Asides this blog some other viable support structures that can be utilized include:

Keeping yourself motivated

Like most of the featured entrepreneurs on this blog have stated, they stay motivated by reading books and history of large corporations and great persons who have succeeded in the business world. You might probably have to find your strength on the pages of books.

Partnership is also a very good way to remain in business. You can go ahead to find people in the same business line as you or in a similar market or better still people of like minds. Someone you can venture with and strike a business deal on the method of operations and how profits would be shared is a good way of remaining a formidable force in business.

Get good and practical business advice that would enable you steer your business ship to a safe haven. A good business mentor could come into play at this juncture; whereby you get quality advice, new ideas and strategies to become a better entrepreneur.

Also be reminded that every entrepreneur undergoes three basic stages. For you to move from stage one to stage three, you must learn not give up.

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We would like you to share your experience with us as you move on in your business venture.

Whatever you do, prosper!



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