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The difference between people who build wealth empires on the internet and those who fail to make anything lies in the 5 things I will share with you in this post.

Do you dream of building your own lasting and lucrative online business? Then you need to read the following content carefully and apply them.

Making money online is simple but not easy. Many people confuse the 2 which is why most of them fail to make any success online. When you follow the right procedure, then it becomes very simple to start making money online and build something really amazing.

You will need these 5 crucial things to build a lasting online business

1. A Platform

A platform is simply your medium of expression, where you tell people what you do. It could be a blog, corporate website, e-commerce store, or simply your social media account.

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Many internet marketers, especially when they are trying to sell you something, will tell you that you can start making insane amounts of money without having a website or selling anything.

True, you can make money online without having a website. I did not have a blog when I made my first $100 on the internet. However, to build a lasting online business, one you can tap from for a long time, a blog is an indispensable asset.

There are many reasons every business needs a blog but for this topic, the most compelling reason is that when you start and grow a blog for any purpose, it becomes your own, your asset. You can use that asset for anything and try out any monetization methods you want without limitations.

A social media account, one with a large following, is also a powerful advantage. The point is, you need a platform from which to express yourself and reach people.

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2. Traffic

A lot of people fail to find any success in their online business for one reason: traffic. Traffic simply means online visits to your platform (your blog, website or social media accounts)

Traffic is the only currency on the internet. It’s impossible to make money online without traffic. You cannot make any sales if nobody sees what you are offering, can you?

There are many free and paid means to generate traffic. Some of your biggest financial and time investments should go to finding those means and using them to get internet users to see you.

3. An Email List

One of the important reasons to have a blog for your online business is that it enables you to build an email list. An email list is the second most important online asset any business could have. It is the best way to turn your website visitors into loyal subscribers and buyers.

How does this help you make money?

Because when someone visits your site and likes your content, they might not buy your product on the first day. They might need to take a further look at your offer or get some more money or anything like that.

But when they leave your site, any of several different things could take their attention and they may not return to your site again. You have lost one potential buyer. If you keep losing buyers like that, making money online becomes increasingly difficult.

This is one of the reasons an email list is very important. When someone visits your site and subscribes to your list, they are giving you permission to follow up with them and tell them more about your offers/products. This helps you build trust with them and increases your chances of making money.

You must not let people leave your site without giving them means to subscribe to your list.

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4. A Product

People build online wealth through affiliate marketing. I made my first $100 through affiliate marketing. I had no website, no traffic, no list but somehow I made $100. That’s how sweet affiliate marketing could be.

The primary argument against affiliate marketing is that it is unreliable. The product owner could pull the product or change the terms at any time, leaving you to start building a fresh lead conversion system for a new product.

The very best way to build a lasting online business is to create, promote and sell your own product. Your product could be physical, digital or services.

You will notice that those people who make huge amounts of money online also promote their own products.

When you create your own product, you set up your lead conversion strategy and keep working on that strategy to increase your conversions and make more money.

5. Patience

Finally, you need to be patient. This is worth a mention because many people still dream of making 7-figure income in 30 days, or something like that.

In internet marketing, patience is more than a virtue, it is an important asset. Nothing happens overnight. So when you have done everything, wait.

There are many ways to make money online. Most of them have these 5 things in common. To succeed in internet marketing, it’s important to take the time and build something worthwhile.

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  1. Comment: Dear Samuel I learnt making money from online business is not easy. Which is the easiest and best way to make money online with little or no capital? I want to be your follower.

    • There’s no simple answer to that, Edmund. The easiest way to make money online is not necessarily the best way. And then you want to have the easiest and best way with little or no capital, which makes the answer even more complicated. If you have the skills, you can make money as a freelancer.

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