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Hundreds of thousands of young people graduate from various institutions each year; the unemployment rate rises. Those in paid employment no longer have job security as the environment becomes increasingly unpredictable. Many more people are being laid off as companies are re-engineering, downsizing… In Nigeria for instance, the crash of the oil and gas sector has seen thousands of people lose their jobs and many more could still be on their way out. There are very few jobs around and there is a mad scramble for those few. Amidst all these, why have you not become an entrepreneur yet? Why don’t you start your own business? What are you waiting for?

If you are still in paid employment, congratulations! But again nothing stops you from having multiple streams of income. Multiple streams of income simply means having more than one source of income that is, as you wait for the end of every month for your salary, you can also make money from your legitimate business. A very wise billionaire said you can never be wealthy if you are just very happy to receive a paycheck at the end of the month.

Running your own business means you are in total control of your time; you are your own boss. You control how much you earn. Think about this with me for a second. The prices of every commodity in the country has gone up, right? The only people who still receive the same amount in income this year as they did last year are workers. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in being an employee. Everybody cannot be an entrepreneur. But even as an employee, there are lots of investment options available to you that puts more money in your pocket.

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There is an inherent leader and business magnate in everyone. You just need to look deep and discover that in yourself. A story was once told of a cub that strayed from the forest and was picked up, catered for and raised by a shepherd. By reason of association it became a sheep even though it had the form of a lion. The cub grew to become a fearful lion because he never knew what he was made to be and how bold and formidable he could be. Subsequent days, the cub wandered off and came across another lion and when the lion roared, the cub roared back at the lion, and for the first time, it realized it sounded just like the lion. There is an entrepreneur in everyone.

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The only thing stopping you from achieving what you can do and what you can be is YOU!

There is no perfect timing to start. The time to start is now. “If the farmer decides to stay back and not go to the farm because of the harshness of the sun, he will have nothing to harvest”.

To become an entrepreneur, you simply need to decide to start. The only way to start is just to start. Aliko Dangote would not have become the richest man in Africa if he did not take a step. Today he is a good example because he is a Nigerian and was exposed to almost everything we are exposed to. With minimum basic education he proves that business success is usually through strength of mind, perseverance and honesty. And there are lots and lots of Nigerian entrepreneurs just like him; successful entrepreneurs. You will find them in our Featured Entrepreneurs section. Just click here and read their stories.

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Become an entrepreneur. Start now!

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become an entrepreneur
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Be willing to start small. Do not let fear of risk, what the economy looks like or what people would say keep you from reaching your full potential.

Keep getting better. Aim high.  Experiment! Be the best you can be; it’s in you. Become an entrepreneur today!



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