Bean Flour Production and Processing E-Book

Bean Flour Production and Processing – Complete Guide

Do you want to become a millionaire in the bean flour production business? This e-book will show you how.

Bean flour processing and production business is a goldmine that seems to have been overlooked, even ignored by Nigerian entrepreneurs. However, there is a huge profit-making possibility in the business. One of the challenges entrepreneurs have with this business is the lack of information.

There is very limited information on the internet about how to start this lucrative business. Those who are already in the business, typical Nigerian style, are keeping their cards close to their chest. So aspiring entrepreneurs are frustrated. I get calls and emails with loads of questions on the bean flour production business. This e-book is 53 pages of pure, unadulterated information!

Another major challenge is the loss of quality after production. Most people complain that when they produce their bean flour, the quality and taste are not the same as normal bean preparation for Akara or other foods. This leads to a loss of revenue because consumers would not buy. This book discusses quality control in detail.

Putting all that into the equation, I went under and came up with this solutions guide. Everything you need to know about bean flour production and processing is answered in this e-book.

Here are some highlights covered in this e-book

  • Where to get raw materials cheaply for bean flour
  • How to protect beans from pests attack – when weevils destroy your beans, your business is as good as finished
  • A step-by-step process of bean flour production – from preparation to packaging
  • How to overcome the various business challenges of bean flour production
  • How to ensure effective quality control – to get the best quality of bean flour
  • Where to get machinery for the production
  • Contact details of local machine fabricators in their and their machine costs
  • Financial analysis of bean flour production – this reduces your stress and time of financial research by 100%
  • Complete production cost analysis, sales forecast, and break-even analysis for business plan
  • How to market your bean flour, plus so much more…

You will not need another e-book on bean flour after going through this book.

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  1. Do you have books on edible oil and rich oil, from sesame seed, carrots, nuts. Do you have book on some crops value chain, rice, cashew nuts, cocoa, sesame seed?


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