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Sure, you want to become a successful entrepreneur; you are reading this post. Most successful entrepreneurs across the world are not successful necessarily because of the environment they live in or because of the kind of family they were born into but as a result of the daily habits they have vouched to settle for and practice. That is simply what this article is about – simple habits you can blend into your daily life to supercharge your chances of success in life.

It is principle, not personality that makes one a success. It does not matter who you know or what you think you are worth, if you are not principled, forget it, you will soon come crashing.

But how can an entrepreneur be successful when they don’t know the daily habits celebrated entrepreneurs keep to to rise to the top of their industry?

“You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit.” – Vince Lombardi

Yes. It is.

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After carefully researching about the lifestyles of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, I came up with 5 daily habits I spotted out these entrepreneurs have.

Habit 1

Wake Up Early

The habit of waking up early is something most successful entrepreneurs have in common. They don’t mess with it. And never will they like to watch anyone around them mess with that.

Even before their employees wake up, successful entrepreneurs are already awake to kick the day rolling. As early as 5:00 am, most successful entrepreneurs are already planning and executing part of their day’s activities.

Waking up early help entrepreneurs avoid distractions, stay ahead of their competitors and increase their productivity.

Habit 2

Build Relationships Daily

Most times, what you know may not take you much as far as who you know. And it’s not who you know. it’s how you know them.

Did you get that? Read it again!

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I’m not saying your success in business is tied to anyone; I don’t subscribe to that, but the impact of quality relationship cannot be over emphasized.

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You must have heard this buzzword we use in sales that, “Customers buy from people they know and trust.”

To turn your customers to clients (the sales transition point where bigger block of money is made), you must consolidate your relationship with them.

When you build quality relationship with prospects, you transform them into customers. When you build quality relationship with your customers, you turn them into clients and repeat customers. When you build quality relationship with people who are successful in their own line of business, you can turn them into business partners and investors.

I can keep connecting the chain on and on just to let you know how important it is that you build relationships daily. Take a look at the bonds between Steve Ballmer and Bill Gate, between Warren Buffett and Bill Gate and the one that existed between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. These are all billionaires who have known each other for decades.

What does that tell you?

There’s something about relationship that is better experienced than imagined. It attracts wealth.

Habit 3

 Engage your brain

The fastest way to keep the brain active and productive is through thinking. By committing to daily habit of thinking, successful entrepreneurs discover better ways to tackle their daunting business challenges, position themselves in their marketplace and deliver more to their customers than they promise.

Brains that think don’t easily go senile.

But you can agree with me that successful entrepreneurs don’t have senile brain. It goes to say that they think daily. Thus, it has become a habit. If not so, they can’t be as innovative as they are today.

Habit 4

Invest in Yourself Daily

Self-improvement is the most powerful gift one can give to himself. If you can take the needed discipline to do that you can as well become successful. You can’t be serious with your desire for success if you can’t remember the last time you bought and read a book.

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Even in his 80s and amidst all busy schedules, the smartest investor the world ever produced, billionaire Warren Buffett still reads 4 hours daily.

That’s novel, right?

Little wonder he’s such a smart investor.

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The truth most successful entrepreneurs won’t tell you is that the more you learn, the more you earn.

If all you’ve labored for are gone in a day, all you have left to get a second chance at life is the investment you made on yourself.

No amount is too much to improve yourself. If it demands that you buy a new book, attend a conference/seminar or go for one-on-one coaching, do it. A larger block of what I have turned out to be today is as a result of what God did for me through self-improvement.

Habit 5

Express Gratitude Daily

Successful entrepreneurs understand that whatever position they occupy today, someone some years ago offered them their shoulder to rise. They didn’t get to where they are today, success-wise because they are lucky. They all at some point or the other demonstrated an act of appreciation to their boss (and they promoted them), to their employees (and they became motivated to do more) and to their families (for giving them the platform and opportunity to be their best).

A simple “Thank you” can save your business from collapse. Entrepreneurs that live life of ingratitude find it extremely difficult to succeed in business.

No matter what’s happening, successful entrepreneurs always see life from a different binocular. And guess what: how you look determines what you see.

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To become a successful entrepreneur, you must be ready and committed to being grateful, invest in yourself, and build the habit of waking up early, build relationships even if they are not useful now and think like a pro.

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