About Us

img_20160711_083941Hello! Thank you for your interest and welcome to nextnaijaentrepreneur.com. My name is Samuel. In the following paragraphs, I will explain to you what we try to do with this site, how we aim to achieve it and why it is very critical that we succeed. You will also see what you could do to help us meet our goals and how you could be a part of this project.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help raise and promote the next generation of informed, brilliant, daring and successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa at large. We believe successful entrepreneurs and SMEs are key to national economic progress, community development, crime rate reduction and general global happiness.

To promote entrepreneurship, we set up this website to provide the 3 very basic and absolutely critical tools every aspiring entrepreneur needs to succeed: Information, Motivation/Inspiration and Resources.

1. Information

We work tirelessly to make nextnaijaentrepreneur.com a one-stop, single largest repository of information for aspiring entrepreneurs. In our Business Basics section, we discuss everything an aspiring entrepreneur should know before starting a business. We look at how to get access to funding, how to get registration, how to make fewer mistakes and improve chances of success, the list is endless.

Then we bring up and discuss, in painstaking detail, business ideas. Some people simply need to know what business ideas are most lucrative and how to start them. For some of our business ideas we meet entrepreneurs who are already in the business and they walk us through every detail from their personal experience.

By providing these information, we help aspiring entrepreneurs quadruple their chances of success in this harsh business climate. And yes, you can write for us!

2. Motivation/Inspiration

Sometimes, when business journey gets tough, entrepreneurs can find strength just by knowing they are not alone; that there are other people who are actively involved in entrepreneurship and doing very well.

Our Featured Entrepreneurs share their success stories, how they started, how they overcame challenges and obstacles and how far they have come relative to where they started from. These stories will motivate and inspire you to take action and begin your own very profitable entrepreneurial journey.

By sharing their story to inspire other people, our Featured Entrepreneurs, on their part, also enjoy better publicity. We celebrate and promote them to motivate/inspire the next generation. This is our priority.

“We celebrate the present to build the future”


3. Resources

Last, but certainly not least, we provide resources that help aspiring entrepreneurs grow. We feature apps you can use to write better business plans; we highlight places you can get funding for your business startup; we list books and materials where you can get more information. Everything we do is geared to make the entrepreneur succeed!

Help us reach more people!

Now that you know what we do, why and how we do it, you can help us reach more people and maximize our impact. You do this by sharing our articles on social media, telling more people about nextnaijaentrepreneur.com.

Also, tell us what you think about what we are doing. What can we do better? What features would you like to see? What business idea would you like to read about? Contact us today and let’s get talking!

If you are an entrepreneur, by sharing your business success story you not only get more public attention to your business, you can motivate someone who is going through a rough business patch right now. Becoming our featured entrepreneur is easy and free. Contact us now and let’s get started.

Business Development expert?

Are you a business expert? You know young unemployed people are looking for you, right? We offer you a platform to reach out to these young people and make an impact in their business lives. Find out how you can contribute to this project.

We hope to hear from and work together to build this beloved country of ours into the economic giant we all want it to be. Most importantly, we want you to succeed in whatever business you are into.

Here is to your success!