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If you are considering starting a blog or you already have a blog but you are struggling to make money, this post is for you. I will share with you 7 tips you can implement from today to make the most of your blogging journey. I found these tips very useful when started this blog and I’m sure they will set you on your way to to your own blogging success.

Blogging has evolved to become one of the most lucrative ventures people make today. Apart from the fact that people share useful information, news, reviews etc, it has also become a major source of income for those who take it seriously.

Yes, you can and will make money if you focus and persist, but let no one trick you into believing blogging is easy just to make you buy their eBooks. People like SDK, Linda Ikeji or Darlington Omeh did not make their money overnight.

These people, and many other rich bloggers, share some common ideas which I have broken down into these 7 tips I will share with you today. Here they are…

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1. Blogging is not a “get rich quick” Scheme

This is one of the most valuable advice I give to people. If you start blogging today and you expect to make $1000 in the next one month, you will be frustrated. You have to give that blog time to grow. Don’t start blogging with get-rich-quick mindset. Blog because you want to build a brand for yourself and make an impact on the internet. The money will eventually come but you will have to work and wait for it.

2. Treat Blogging as a business

Take a look at the most successful bloggers in the world; you can discover that all of them took blogging as a business. Yes, very many of them started blogging for fun or for whatever reason but if you look closely, you will find they run their blog like a business. I can tell you, blogging is one way to run a business, have insane amount of fun and still make money.

I will stress on two important business-like aspects of having a profitable blog.

First, Have a plan

The start of anything is very important. Launching a blog requires that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve properly documented.

In this blogging plan, you map out:

  • Your blogging goals
  • Your niche; which should be on demand. Don’t go for a niche that you have less or no knowledge about. If you do, you will one day run out of topics which may eventually reduce your blog quality.
  • Your domain name. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and shouldn’t be too long.
  • Your web host and plan.
  • Your target audience.
  • How people will find your blog
  • How you expect to make money – many people don’t think of this at first but it is important you know from the very start how you are going to make money from your blog.
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Second, invest

Yes, you can have a free blog but people who usually go this route are people who blog as a hobby. If you really want to blog and make money, I advise you invest in domain registration and web hosting. This gives you total control over your blog – there are way too many restrictions with free blogs. Besides, when you invest in your own blog, you tend to take it a bit more seriously – and so will other people.

Investing in your blog does not take much really. You can get 2 years of quality hosting on iPage and domain registration on namecheap, all for under $50. How many businesses can you start and run for 2 years on a $50 budget? That is why blogging is so cool.

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3. People need quality content

People look for information to solve their problems or something to entertain them. Provide quality content, not plagiarized or spun content. Don’t copy others people’s work, rather be yourself.

Your content should be genuine and able to convince visitors to take action. Imagine when a visitor comes to your blog and there is no much content, they will never come back.

4. Promotion is a major way to build traffic

Pushing the ‘Publish’ button is just the beginning of your work as a blogger. You start getting traffic when you start promoting your content. On the internet, traffic is everything. If nobody sees your blog you will not make any money.

Social media is always a powerful tool to get traffic to your blog. Create a page for your blog on all social media and reach out to people that your content can solve their problems.

Have you tried Email marketing? If no, then you are really missing out. Millions of people check their mails every day. You should be able to convert visitors into subscribers.

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5. Optimize your blog for search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy aimed at getting visibility on search engine results. One of the methods of reaching out to people is through search engines. Think about all the people looking for one thing or another on search engines like Google. For your blog posts to be visible to search engine, it must be optimized. This can be done through these methods:

  • Do keyword Research
  • Use catchy Headlines
  • Write long posts
  • Optimize your content and images
  • Make your blog mobile-ready. Visitors should be able to reach your site with mobile phones
  • Your blog must be easy to navigate

6. Be consistent

Choose a schedule that works for you and stick with it. I struggled with this when I started blogging. My schedule was irregular so I lost some of my readers because they had no idea what to expect and when to expect it.

Now, I post a new article every 2 days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) so my readers expect a new topic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I deliver without fail. Some bloggers post up to 10 new articles daily, others post once a week. They key thing is to stick to a regular schedule.

Post regularly and see how your traffic will grow. Although this may depend on your niche. But try as much as possible to update your blog.

7. Learn from others

New business ideas emerge everyday. Learn what others are doing to grow they blog. You will notice I said ‘learn’ not ‘copy’. There’s a difference.

  • They create eBooks and give it away in exchange for subscription to their email list.
  • They transcribe their posts to podcasts as a way of reaching to more audience both online and offline
  • They interview other people and post on their blog
  • They do webinars
  • They create online courses that are profitable

Bringing it all together

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There are lots of things to learn. As a blogger or one intending to start a blog soon, you should be open to learn new ideas that can help you in your blogging journey and other online business. If you determine to a change today, there will be no limit to what you can achieve.

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  1. Dis is wonderful
    I’ve a blog on WordPress buh it’s really dormant now
    I only started it den for fun Nd to share my works buh just lost track
    Buh dis post got me excited to want to begin again
    I would really love to know how to create contents Nd d email marketing

  2. It is really educating. However, blogging is not an easy task but one has to be ready to sacrifice and work hard. Thanks for this educative post.

  3. Thanks for this awesome post. But I have a looootttttt of questions with regards to blogging. I will send an email of some. Thanks dear, u’re a genius

  4. Comment:
    Edu,I need your advice on what I need to start marketing online.
    E.g,an existing company is into q health related products which i found interesting.I now registered with the company as a distributor.
    How can I best market it online.

  5. This a good article sir and I’m grateful for this teaching but there are areas I’m finding confusing and difficult to understand, in the 2nd tip( treating blog as a business) under having a plan you made mention of things I don’t understand such as domain name, niche, target audience, web host nd d likes pls I want to be put through on these and more……thank u sir

  6. This is really an eye opener. To be sincere I never knew anything about blogging, but from this post, have learnt some things

  7. Am loving this. Tnks coach. But I would like to know more about email marketing and also how to source for content.

  8. Very educative sir, I hope to learn more of blogging from u.I am a novice when it comes to blogging but have passion for it.

  9. Thank you sir is insightful.
    But am totally novice on this blogging business I pray I catch up fast with your help coach.

    Please sir i don’t have website yet how will it be possible for me to start this business without it?


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