A man reading a blog post
A man reading a blog post

Everyone can start a blog but not everyone knows how to create interesting blog posts people will love to read. Many bloggers struggle with a ridiculously high bounce rate.

A high bounce rate means people don’t spend any time at all on your blog before they bounce out. It means your readers don’t actually read your blog posts. It also means they don’t spend enough time on your blog to see your offers, products or click on your ads.

Ultimately, it means making money as a blogger is always going to be an uphill task. How do you remedy this? By creating blog posts people will love to read, of course.

Truth is, as a blogger, you need people to read your blog posts. If they don’t, you have nothing for your efforts. Has it ever crossed your mind how some bloggers always get people glued to their posts while others struggle to hold their readers’ attention or even get visitors to click on their topics in the first place?

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Have you for once asked yourself what is so special about their blogs that yours lack?

As a blogger, you want people to always pay attention to each post you create on your blog. This is why you must learn to create interesting and compelling blogs, articles that keep your readers coming back for more.

You must learn to write not just quality and useful blogs but blog topics that people will love to read. While some people find it easy to just whip out posts after compelling posts, they will also tell you it takes some learning and time to achieve.

So here are 5 tips for creating blog posts your readers will actually love to read

Start with writing interesting blog topics

See, people don’t just land on your article. They first see your post title, then they click on it if they like it, and then they get to the article. If your blog topic does not compel people to click on your post, nobody will read your post no matter how much time and effort you put in creating it.

So the first thing you want to do is to write on interesting blog topics because the topic is the door to the article itself.

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If you must create blog topics that people will love to read, the topics must be in high demand. It should be something your readers are actually interested in.

To find topics in high demand, look around at news sites, social media groups, popular blogs and see which post has the most comments and likes.

Follow discussions on online forums and watch out trendy hashtags on twitter. Social bookmarking sites are also another place to find blog posts that are in high demands.

When you come up with an interesting topic, give it a nice and compelling title. You could have a powerful topic and a boring title which would be just as bad.

Don’t just write any title; read your title back to yourself. Does it catch your interest? Does it compel you to click? Brainstorm your title with your friends and see if they get the same effect.

Most importantly, your title must NOT mislead your readers. Don’t write a title about one thing when the post is about something else.

Know your audience and give them new, valuable information

If you don’t know your audience, it would be very difficult to be able to write articles that will be interesting and informative to them. But, when you know your audience, it would just be a matter of keeping them informed of any new developments or late breaking news pertaining to their interests.

Is it now that you want to tell us what really killed Michael Jackson? You are so late no matter what you want to reveal. Nobody is really interested in that topic any longer. That ship has sailed. Come up with something new.

People typically seek to learn more about their favorite topics and if you can offer your readers this type of information, it will most certainly catch their eye and keep their interest!

Be yourself

When people come to your blog, the first thing they want to know is almost always who you are. They want to see you and hear you, not a version of someone else. So write as yourself.

When you see other popular bogs and the type of attention they receive, it could be tempting to want to imitate them so you can get the same results. This is an attempt at self-sabotage.

Those blogs did not get such attention by imitating other people. Don’t make the mistake of imitating/copying them.

Be original. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to put your opinions out there. Don’t cower when people give you stick for being yourself.

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Eventually, your readers will appreciate you for you are. Nobody will appreciate you for trying to be someone else.

Don’t try to blend in; stand out

I can’t think of any topic you may want to write on that has not already been written by someone else. But the beauty of blogging is that you can present your own post in a way that it stands out, bearing your own unique voice and writing style.

You can look at those topics and present some new insightful information on them. You can offer a different perspective, your own unique perspective. Your readers will love you for that.

I try very hard not to write like anyone else. Even when I hire freelance writers, I usually end up rewriting the whole thing myself that I often wonder why I had to hire a writer in the first place.

The goal is to stand out. To present yourself in a way that nobody else has and nobody else ever will. That is how you keep your readers.

Aim to create curiosity and engagement

Creating interesting blog posts that people will love to read is an art. There are certain blog topics that hook you. Immediately you read the title, you are tempted to click through to the post to cure your curiosity. Before you know it, you have finished reading the post and trying to check for other related posts if they will also catch your interest.

You can create such experience with your readers if you know how to create blog topics that says ‘click me to find out’.

Here are some tips on how to create blog topics that create curiosity and engagement:

  • Ask question with your topics.
  • Share a story of your experience with something interesting to your readers.
  • Make a bold claim.
  • Don’t shy away from controversy

So, there you have it!

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In conclusion, your target for creating a blog post is to create a community of followers; this can be achieved if you know how to write blogs that keep your readers asking for more.

I’m interested to know what your experience is or what you think. Send in your comments and share with us.


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