The best way to convert your website visitors to loyal followers is by growing an email list. The only asset, other than your website, more important than an email list is a well-groomed, nurtured and happy email list.

Starting an email list is one of the important things every blogger should start doing from day one. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t yet understand how important it is to start and build an email list. So in this post, I will share with you 5 important reasons you should start building an email list today.

1. Grow your business faster

One of the best ways to grow your business faster is through your email list. There are many good reasons for this.

Your subscribers are your loyal followers. They like what they get from you. For this reason, they are more likely to spread the word about your website or brand.

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Imagine you are doing a new product launch. Think of the stress, time and cost of setting up landing pages for your product, ranking the page on search engines, driving traffic to the page, and so on. This could take time and money.

If you have an email list, promoting your new product is as simple as sending out an email. More importantly, you have the opportunity to find out what people think about your product before you make it available to the wider public.

There are many other countless good scenarios on how your email list doubles your growth rate.

2. Best source of feedback

Feedback, feedback, feedback!

Every business needs regular feedback from their customers to improve and make more sales. Your email list is the best channel to get important feedback from your customers about your business.

I have seen people who put up surveys on their website for visitors to fill. Unless your website receives millions of visitors per month, it’s going to be difficult to get any reasonable feedback just from your website. Besides, how many people will know about you enough to give you valuable feedback just from their first visit to your site?

Your email subscribers are like your family. Most of them read your emails and blog posts. So if you need feedback about a particular product or how to improve your content delivery, your subscribers are the best people to give it to you.

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I was brainstorming ideas for some courses I wanted to develop for my blog. I needed to know the most common challenges young entrepreneurs face in their journey. I needed feedback to know how to structure my courses and make more impact. I needed to know the best ways to give my followers what would help them.

So I sent out a mail to all my subscribers asking them to tell me their most pressing challenges. This is feedback. But the more interesting thing is, my followers loved that I cared enough to find out what challenges they were facing. Tell me I did not score a major point.

3. Steady source of traffic

Many websites spend huge amounts of money to rank their pages on search engines like Google. The belief is that search engine traffic is the best type of traffic.

While this may be true for some reasons, search engine traffic could be very unreliable. One mistake, or one Panda algorithm update, and you could find your pages at the bottom of the pack.

Your email list is the one source of traffic you can completely rely on. So long as you keep putting up interesting and engaging content, your subscribers will keep coming to read it. They will even love you for it. This brings me to my next point

4. Your email list is your asset

Apart from your website, your email list is the only other tool you own and have total control over. It is your asset. You can take your list with you even if you switch platforms.

What is important about this is that you can create a new website and still keep your subscribers. You can even tell your subscribers about your new website and get immediate traffic coming before you start working of search engine ranking.

The same goes for a new product or service. Your list is a very important asset, one you must not toy with.

5. Bigger list, more revenue

Your email subscribers are people who are interested enough in what you have to say to want to get more of it by joining your email list. This means they like you, or your content. It also means many of them wouldn’t mind paying for what you have to offer if your offer is good.

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When people subscribe to your list, you have an opportunity to follow up on them, to get to know them, to get them to know you and to convince them that your product is good for them.

For this reason, you should take care of your subscribers. Give them good stuff. Don’t just put up a lead capture form on your website for the sake of it.

I pamper my email subscribers to bits. I care about them, I feed them information and gifts, and I respond to each and every question or request carefully.

There are 2 things you must not do with your email list:

  1. Don’t buy a list: I see some people, especially on nairaland, offering to sell email lists with xxx,xxx subscribers. Buying this could be a mistake. When you start sending people emails without their signing up for your email list on your website, your emails are more likely to end up in the spam folder. Many of the subscribers will likely flag your emails as spam, too, because they have no recollection of opting to get emails from you. The best way to have an email list is to build it yourself.
  2. Don’t ignore your list: It is pointless to start an email list if you are not going to follow up on them. The very essence of an email list is to turn your subscribers into loyal followers. You do this by engaging your subscribers, not by ignoring them.


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If you are not building an email list yet, you are missing out on a lot of good stuff and money. If you are already building a list, then take the time to nurture your list and feed them with more of what they want. Don’t just create an email list for the sake of it. There are many things to gain by taking care of your followers.

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  1. Thanks oga. You’ ve always those us to build email list from day one, that is one the strategies that make bloggers successful. I’ve started building mine and taking it serious. Continue the good work sir! God bless you.


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