10 Important Reasons You Need to Start a Blog Today Regardless of What You Do

10 important reasons you need to start a blog today

No matter what your profession is, regardless of who you are or what business you are involved in, you need a blog. I will tell you why.

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If you have no business but you have decent writing skills, you should start a blog today. I will give you 10 good reasons you need a blog, if not for anything, to show you why a blog is such an important and rewarding advantage for you and your business.

Some people seem to think that because everybody is interested in owning a blog, blogging is somewhat overrated. That’s nonsense!

If everybody in the world has a blog, the world would be a far more interesting place than it is now. Almost everybody has a business, does it make business overrated?

Actually, there are more than 10 reasons you really should start a blog. Off the top of my head, I could count up to 50 reasons. I’m a blogger and so I know the benefits of owning a blog are so much it takes having a blog to really see all the advantages. For the sake of this article, I will list only 10 reasons and hope they would be enough to convince you to get something started.

10 reasons you should start a blog today

1. A blog is a perfect medium to promote your business

The best thing about having a blog is it lets you build an audience of interested readers who follow whatever you post on your blog. Once your audience picks an interest in you, they are more than likely to be interested in your business too.

If you look closely, you will notice that most corporate organizations have a link to their blog on their corporate website. This is because a blog can get you closer to your target audience than a corporate website can. A blog lets you talk to your audience in real-time and get feedback from them.

This is the best way to promote your business and establish your brand in the minds of your target market.

Search engines like Google love blogs too because search engines love fresh unique content; where else can you post regularly fresh content if not on your blog? So when you blog about your business, people are more likely to see your business listed on Google search engine results. You get steady, organic traffic without spending much money, promoting your business all the way.

2. You promote other people’s business – and get paid

As at this date, I have over 10,000 people following this blog and the number keeps increasing everyday. Now, because I have a decent following, various brands approach me offering payment if I could talk to my followers about their business.

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You see where this is going?

Even if I choose not to have any other business, with my blog I can make steady income just promoting other people’s business. The sweet spot is, my followers will love me for bringing useful information to their attention, I make money for telling them what would benefit them and the company gets the marketing attention they need to boost their business. Everybody wins.

3. Blogging is fun

Only bloggers would know this, blogging is fun!

To everyone else, blogging could seem like so much work but to bloggers, what could be more fun than doing what you love?

I love blogging. I love putting these ideas out there and I love that someone somewhere is following my ideas to become a better person. Different people have different reasons for starting a blog and it’s an extremely thrilling experience to know that you are doing what you enjoy – and making money at the same time.

You will probably not enjoy blogging if you just start a blog because everybody is starting it. Out of these 10 reasons listed in this post, there has to be one you can relate with to enjoy blogging. If there is no reason for you, then blogging is probably not the best thing for you to be engaged in.

4. Networking

Blogging introduces you to many smart people. Since I launched my blog, I have met many awesome individuals I never knew before. I have met many bloggers, business owners, thought leaders in their different spheres.

I have also become closer to my readers all of whom are wonderful people. I get emails that bring tears to my eyes and I feel connected to them in more ways than one. I cannot begin to explain how fulfilling this experience is.

Now, when I’m traveling to any city, I only need to announce that I’m coming and there must be someone there willing to meet and hang out with me.

Blogging connects you with people.

5. Blogging increases your knowledge

Because I know people depend on me for information, I am compelled to read more, learn more and get more useful information. As a result, my knowledge about certain issues exponentially increases.

There are many things I never knew before that I know now. Because the demand for information is ever high, I will keep gaining more knowledge, insight and wisdom if not for anything, because a lot of good people depend on me for it and I cannot bear to disappoint them.

6. Freedom

Having a blog gives you unimaginable amounts of freedom to pursue other affairs in your life.

You can blog from everywhere so long as there is an internet enabled phone/computer there. So you can travel anywhere taking your work with you.

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You choose your own blogging schedule. I post a new article every 2 days. Some bloggers post a new article every week while some post everyday. You make your own schedule and make sure it works for you. I am free to do anything I want, and no matter what I do, I can still write my blogs. Freedom.

7. Establish yourself as an expert

There are many experts in many different matters who are known to only a few people. They have little means of expressing themselves, or their medium of expression restricts them to a very small circle.

Having a blog, you can reach people all over the world with your ideas, establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

Note that blogging does not make you an expert, it establishes you as an expert. There’s a difference. You need to have mastered your field to become an expert. Having a blog only shows the whole world that, “this guy knows what he’s talking about. Go to him!”

8. The ability to influence people

Through your blog, you have tremendous potentials to influence people. The fact that you are reading this post shows I’m communicating, getting through to you. If you decide to start your blog after reading this post, I have achieved something. If you go further to discover these benefits of having a blog for yourself, them I’m fulfilled.

9. You will learn many profitable skills

Since I started my blog I have learned:

  1. Writing
  2. Editing
  3. Video making
  4. Graphics design
  5. copyediting
  6. Marketing
  7. Web design
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. WordPress editing
  10. Teaching, and so on.

Any of these skills, taken in isolation, has the capacity to improve your life and earn you more income. All of these skills combined makes you unbeatable.

10. You will make money

This is the one many people fear. Yes, you will make money.

Many people just don’t know where the money will come from or how to make it. 10 days from today, I will introduce a free online course which will show you how to blog and make money. If you want to have a profitable blog like I do, you cannot afford to miss this free course.

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  1. Comment: Samuel your Lecture is very interesting and encouraging. But can one start his bloging without capital? Thanks

  2. Nice lectures sir.

    I have a question: must one have a considerable number of followers before one can monetise one’s blog or can you monetise it immediately you open it and it will start reading?

  3. Thank you very much Uncle Sam. This is very very interesting write-up. It’s concise, straight to the point and easy to understand. This piece has fired up my interest in blogging. The high points that captive me in this article include ‘Promoting other people’s business (i love helping others in any way possible), Networking, increases in knowledge, Freedom and of course, last but not the least, Learning many profitable skill. I go through my mails daily not knowing what I really want, but with this online course I think I can profitably use the opportunities I have to Internet. Thanks again and remain bless, keep on doing the good job. Cheers.

  4. Its so amazing to get up by this time to be reading this. I think I must have been in the dark for a long time not knowing about you, I have had a big dream of becoming a blogger I mean pro but I have been struggling alot. I can say I have learnt so much from this article and am diligently following the online course, thanks sir, am really proud of been here.

  5. Am grateful for this inspiring post which i believe will lead me to the road of being a blogger, can’t wait to read more. Thanks for a job well done

  6. Comment:BroSam you have done a marvelous work here. your work serves as an eye opener to me, I don’t how your work first captivated me. I have been following it so keenly for the past few days I encountered it. I never dreamed blogging has so many interesting potentials attached to it not until I met you. I now have passion for it.
    Thanks for the ? opener.

  7. Hi Samuel,

    I must confess that this is the first time an online content is really getting my attention. Not a surprise. Your content is simply informative, educative and inspiring!

    Keep up the good work. You’re really blessing a lot of souls out there. Thank you.

  8. Comment:Tnks so much uncle Sam, you know, I ve been away for some time, just came back,and decided to take a look,And wow!!! Am learning a lot.

  9. This really is an interesting piece I’d love to devote myself to the practicals following. But I think I have a question…. Is it indeed possible for one to start this process with a phone (for those who dont have a laptop yet) ???

    • Of course, it is. I know a lot of friends who started their blog using their smartphone. It depends on how badly you want it and what you are willing to do to see your idea come to life. Also it depends on what you are comfortable with. I could never type long texts on my phone. If you are like me, then it’s difficult to start a blog using only your phone.

  10. presently im learning how to be a blogger from your course… hopefully ill soon be confirmed as a masterful blogger. Thank you as we have fun blogging together!

  11. I found several reasons to go into blogging, I love to write and people have encouraged me to start a blog. It’s a challenging task but I am up for it. Networking and picking up marketable skills to stay on top of the game is what interests me most and of course learning to create content that will ensure that money flows in consistently from my blogging. Thanks for this eye opening course Samuel

  12. Thanks so much mr Sam.This is amazing,i can’t believe its all coming for free and even more to come.i feel so blessed to ve known you,with this i can tell that my dream of becoming a super blogger is just few clicks away.Thank you.

  13. I must commend you, you have lit the burning zeal I have for blogging.
    Your articles are amazing, I’m following you all the way for proper tutoring.
    God bless you.

  14. You have lit the burning zeal I have for blogging, I’m following you all the way for proper tutoring.
    God bless you. Thanks.

  15. Thanks for sharing these information, it will really help me out, I await other information about blogging so that I can also be seen as an expert.

  16. Thank you so much for this! I am so lit to blog thanks to you! I should have started long ago but now is not too late either!

    • Thank you for all you do Sir, I have really been motivated by going through this write up and I truly look forward to the participating in the course

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  19. If you are not an expert, can you still be a blogger? I’m not an expert in anything but I still wanted to try blogging. What are the recommended next steps for those of us non-experts?

  20. this is very interesting and useful. can i monetize my blog immediately or after i have a certain number of followers?

  21. My dear facilitator I have learn about ten important reasons i need to start my a blog today. I have decided to start one now without any delayed let me know my cost thank u sir.
    Otunba Yinka Alalade

  22. Mr Sam. Thank you a million times and more. I love your content and style. It’s easy to understand, inspiring too. I feel am with the right mentor finally.I can feel your passion for what you do from a distance. God Bless you sir.

  23. I must commend you Mr Samuel for taking your to lecture us in fantastic way. I really appreciate… I appreciate all your explanation… Is there a way I can start blogging with capital?…. I’m long to open a website.

  24. It is rare to find someone who will teach something of value for free. Thank you so much sir. I am inspired, and will follow up this course with the whole of my heart.

  25. I’m really interested in this blogging. I fantasize a lot about having a large audience I can influence their lives positively but the challenge I have is that i don’t know what this blog is. I’ve been hearing the word blog but I never cared to know what it’s all about. Maybe at the course of the lecture if it’s something I can do, I will venture into it.
    Anyway thank you Samuel for such a selfless service.

  26. Thanks for the tips,it really motivated me at least to do something new for myself. Please I’m interested in the course that will begin ten days from now

  27. Wow!
    Am glad meeting You at this time in my Life, I see a Master that can help me birth the my dreams…

    My God increase You Sir.

  28. Thanks sir for the lecture . But I have a question. I will really like to go into blogging but am confused as to what to blog about cus I really don’t have knowledge on anything in particular . I will appreciate it if I can get an advice on this

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  30. This lecture was very helpful and came at the right time. I will appreciate it if you can help me become a good and very successful blogger like you. Thanks sir


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