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My name is Daniel Imafidon Emmanuel. I’m the CEO of Daniesk Project & Services Ltd., a Warri based company that provides architectural support services such as production of 3d Works and design, construction, supervision, landscape and horticulture, interior design, finishing and decoration, furniture, metal fabrication, import and sales of decorative and ornamental materials. I’m from Edo state, in my late 20s, and a graduate from Sample Drawingsthe Department of Architecture, Federal University of Technology, Akure. I love music and playing of musical instruments, puzzles, social networking, architecture, art works and creative designs. To get more information about me and my work, you can reach me on my website.

Q: Why did you choose this business? And what do you enjoy about it?

The business is born out of passion for architecture, aesthetics and arts – Daniesk project aims to communicate this passion to many minds with the desire to enhance their world with that luxury they yearn for at best reasonable cost. What I enjoy most about my business, aside earning a living and the joy of satisfying my clients, is the joy of having enough control over my time to do the things I love.

Q. How long have you been in business?

Sample Drawing - DanielI started with drawing sketches of portraits and comics as a primary school pupil before I proceeded to study architecture in a tertiary institution. During my time as an undergraduate, I attached myself as a trainee in an Architectural firm during holidays. In 2009, I came across a contractor who availed me an opportunity to acquire site experience and later that same year, I met with another young and charismatic friend who was into interior finishing, installation and fabrics. When I gathered as much experience as I could, I started off on my own by rendering freelance services to professionals (Architects and Engineers) and acting as middle-man to clients and workmen (artisans). It was the money I was able to save up during this period that enabled me to register and start my running my company.

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Q: What were the challenges you faced at the inception as a beginner, And how did you handle them?

Sample Drawings - DanielOne of the major challenges I faced was in dealing with clients; trying to convince them to opt for my services. Most clients would prefer going for someone who has done this for a long time. While this ensures they get services for experienced architects, it’s somehow difficult for a budding architect to get much patronage. And when people know you are new, no matter the level of professionalism you bring to your job, clients would want to get your services at the cheapest rate. This was my major challenge. I also had challenges with financing. But with patience, determination and some human relations skills, I learned a lot over time and so I was able to get through most of the challenges. I attract clients from all classes now.

Q: What character(s) or quality(ies) would you say contributed the most to your success in the business?

Hard work, devotion to learning and always studying to acquire better management skills

Q: Are you registered?

Yes, as Limited Liability Company. Daniesk Projects and Services Ltd.

Q: How much have you grown compared with where you started from?

There is no doubt the business has grown far above where it started and that the business is still growing and still making effort to increase its growth in the course of time

Q: Do you offer training to beginners?

Yes, with starters who are passionate and are ready to commit to their set goals.

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Q: How do you stay motivated?

I appreciate little successes and that usually motivates me to approach next stage.

Q: Where do you see yourself and business in the next 5 years?

I see myself and the business growing at about 500% from here

Q: What advice do you have for young unemployed people in Nigeria?

Government cannot provide for all, to graduates we should not only allow learning lead to knowledge but it should lead to action and doing.

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