1. Bean Flour Production eBook (Price: N7,000)

Bean flour processing and production business is a goldmine that seems to have been overlooked and even ignored by Nigeria entrepreneurs. However there is huge profit-making possibility in the business. One of the challenges entrepreneurs have with this business is the lack of information.

There is very limited information on the internet about how to start this lucrative business. Those who are already in the business, typical Nigerian style, are keeping their cards close to their chest. So aspiring entrepreneurs are frustrated. I get calls and emails with loads of questions on bean flour production business. This e-book is 53 pages of pure, unadulterated information!

Another major challenge is the loss in quality after production. Most people complain that when they produce their bean flour, the quality and taste is not the same with normal bean preparation for Akara or other foods. This leads to loss of revenue because consumers would not buy. This book discusses quality control in detail.

Putting all that into the equation, I went under and came up with this solutions guide. Everything you need to know about bean flour production and processing is answered in this e-book.

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2. the xzy of Export Business (Price: N5,000)

If you are serious about starting your own export business, this is the only e-book you will ever need.

agricultural exportation business ebookOne thing I realize from experience is, sometimes an article, no matter how long, does not do enough to cover the depth of information beginners need to launch their own business in some difficult areas.

When such becomes the case, it calls for something much more revealing and informative than just an article. That is what I have done in presenting this e-book on exportation and international trade in Nigeria. Every bit of information you will ever need to start your own export business is contained in this 71-page information guide.

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3. A comprehensive guide to snail farming business (price: N5,000)

This is a guide you truly don’t want to miss. Snail farming is a very lucrative business suitable for everyone whether you are employed or not. This book is filled to the brim with insightful information.

The details are so much you won’t need to buy another book on snail farming after this. Nobody does details like we do.

Format: PDF | 73 Pages

Price: N5,000 (Limited Time Offer)

Many more to follow…

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