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Scam Alert. Read before you buy any information ebook on the internetWhen was the last time you saw an information eBook being sold online as the ‘ultimate guide to making $$$$ very fast while doing nothing’? Many people are being ripped off in their search for business and startup information. Many have paid money for information they could have gotten at no cost just by knowing where to look. A lot of the information eBooks being sold by our information marketers just don’t deliver on what they claim. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of genuine, valuable information being sold as eBooks; information borne out of firsthand experience and knowledge. The problem is, the bad ones just put together a load of nonsense and then coat it with so much tempting hype on the landing page.

My first internet marketing experience was a total disaster simply because I purchased an information eBook that spent more time justifying the hype on the landing page than giving me the right information I needed as an internet marketing newbie. For one thing, the businesses the writer proposed all depended on having a PayPal account to have succeeded. And this was at a time when Nigeria was completely blacklisted by PayPal. Now, instead of the writer making this clear, he went on about how to create and verify a PayPal account here in Nigeria, which wasn’t even the aim of buying the material in the first place and was totally black hat. As a result, I lost money and downtime. There is so much more. You might have fallen prey to these kinds of information marketers at one time. This article tries to make sure never that happens again. If you have not, it’s a good thing you are reading this write-up.

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So before you reach for your wallet, here are a few points to consider before buying any information package online

1. Use your God-given common sense

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. Everyone wants to make money online but when someone starts making outlandish claims like “how to make thousands of dollars in 3 days from your bedroom while doing absolutely nothing (and the eBook sells for N3,500), it’s best to apply caution. Of course, there are lots of tried and tested methods to make money, some of them fast, but you’ve probable come across the group of sellers I’m talking about. Complete hogwash!

2. Reputation/experience of the author

Some of the people who sell these things have not made any money. In fact, they sell those eBooks as a means of making money. I came across a landing page that sold an information eBook on how to make lots of money through exportation. It was very tempting; the guy almost got me. But a few days later, I came across another site that offered training on exportation. The only difference was that the training was done by real exporters. People who have made and lost money in exportation. And what I got from the audio I got from them (available for free download) was completely different from the wonders the first seller promised on his landing page. You want to buy information from someone who has experienced what they are talking about not someone who copies and pastes stuff in a hurry just to make a few bucks.

3. Availability of the information

Some of these information are freely available on the internet. A friend of mine said he once paid 7k to buy an information eBook that taught him how to use FOB shipping while buying products on My first reaction was, “Did you need to spend that money? I could have told you that.” Before you buy anything, make sure it’s not something you could have gotten by doing a simple search. You don’t need to buy an e-book to know how to make money from your blog. That information is everywhere!

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I use Google most of the times for my research. As a blogger, I get more information from than from anywhere else. The community there is awesome; people are willing to answer any questions you have. All you have to do is ask. There are lots of good people on too. Seun and his team have done a marvelous job making the forum a one-stop place for everything Nigerian. However, before you pay for anything anywhere, use your head.

Have you bought any information product online that you regret? Let us know in the comments box.

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