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How to Start a Tissue Manufacturing Company in Nigeria

Tissue manufacturing is one of the evergreen businesses in Nigeria, reason being that tissue fall under Fast Moving Consumer Goods which are always in demand and sell very fast. If you would like to start your own tissue manufacturing company, this article will show you how. Almost every family uses tissue rolls daily and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This is why the profitability of the business is never in question. A few months ago, we published an interview with an entrepreneur who runs a tissue manufacturing company. You will find the interview very revealing,...

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5 Websites You Can Learn Marketable Programming Skills Free of Charge

In a previous post, we looked at 5 bankable online skills you can learn in the next 60 days. One of those skills is web development, basically coding. In this post, I will show you 5 free websites where you can learn coding. Anybody can learn to code these days. Gone are the days when coding was left for mysterious looking, geek programmers. Coding is fun, rewarding and fulfilling if you learn and practice. Programming used to be an expensive affair, especially with top institutions like NIIT and AfriHub where you could pay anything north of N120,000 to learn...

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5 Bankable Online Skills You Can Learn in 60 Days to Make $1,000/Month

In the words of Dr. Strive Masiyiwa: do you know how to make money in the new economy? The internet offers many interesting opportunities for people who know how to make money. Many are yet to tap into this vast money-making opportunity. The problem with beginners who enter the internet marketing world, and exit with frustration, is that they either lack the required skills or they have outdated skills. For example, if you are content with your knowledge of HTML, there is HTML5 which is the new industry standard. You will need to update your knowledge to flow with the trend....

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How to Start a Profitable Tomato Farming Business in Nigeria

Tomato is one of the major food crops consumed in Africa. It is a cheap and affordable source of vitamins A and E. This makes tomato farming a very lucrative venture for any entrepreneur. If you have thought of starting your own tomato farm you will get the information you seek in this post. The high demand for tomato has placed tomato farming and processing business at a significant spot in the agro-business ventures. I mentioned tomato farming as one of the top 50 agriculture business ideas smart entrepreneurs should seriously consider. During the severe tomato scarcity period of...

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The XYZ of Export

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