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This Beautiful Entrepreneur Will Change the Way You Think About Fish Farming

If you think agriculture is only for old people, it’s not. If you believe fish farming is only for the rich, it’s not. If you think women cannot be successful entrepreneurs, they can. I would like you to meet Miss Chioma Ifeajekwu, our Featured Entrepreneur who is out to change your perception about women in agriculture, especially fish farming. I spoke to her because I’ve always been fascinated by people who challenge the status quo, people who take their own matters into their hands. I hope seeing her work and hearing what she has to say will motivate you...

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Set Up Your Own Website in 15 Minutes

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up (register and host) your website, be it a corporate website, blog, e-commerce store or even a portfolio website to showcase your work. I will show you how to register your domain name and host your website. Above all, I will show you why it is important that you do this yourself. Before we go further, I have to make a distinction between what you are about to learn and web design. This is not a web design tutorial. Web design usually takes place after domain registration and hosting. You...

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10 Important Reasons You Need to Start a Blog Today Regardless of What You Do

No matter what your profession is, regardless of who you are or what business you are involved in, you need a blog. I will tell you why. If you have no business but you have decent writing skills, you should start a blog today. I will give you 10 good reasons you need a blog, if not for anything, to show you why a blog is such an important and rewarding advantage for you and your business. Some people seem to think that because everybody is interested in owning a blog, blogging is somewhat overrated. That’s nonsense! If everybody...

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3 Reasons Nobody is Investing in Your Business

A few weeks ago, I wanted to get some feedback from my email subscribers. Because I’m committed to not just blogging but to doing my best to help every aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria, old and young, I wanted to know what their most difficult challenges were. So I sent out a survey to my subscribers asking them to tell me their pressing challenges so I could know how to address them. Of all the responses I got, over 65% said their major difficulty was raising capital to start or expand their business. 25% had problems developing profitable business ideas...

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How to Start a Professional Home Cleaning Services Business with Little Capital

Today, we will deal with how to start a professional home cleaning services business right from where you are. This article is not restricted to only home cleaning services. You will find it useful even if you want to focus on other niches like industrial cleaning services, janitorial services, construction cleaning, roof cleaning, etc. Introduction Nigerian cities are developing at an alarming rate. Lagos is already Africa’s fastest developing city; Abuja is Africa’s costliest city. Other cities like Port-Harcourt, Calabar, Owerri, Enugu, Kano, Jos, etc are seeing a rapid rate of development too. This development opens a lot of...

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