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[Motivation] 5 Ways I Keep Myself Going When I Feel Like Giving Up

Have you ever felt like giving up? Do you sometimes feel like nothing is working out and the only logical option available is to pack up, throw in the towel and just quit? You are not alone. I have had my share of dark days and I continue to have them. In this post I will share with you some of the things I do to motivate myself when I feel like I’m down and out. You will find some of these tips to be effective when you apply them. An entrepreneur’s journey is a series of ups and downs,...

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5 Things Investors Want to See Before They Invest in Your Startup

Out of the hundreds of thousands of startup entrepreneurs who applied for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, only 1,000 will make to the first round of the competition; less than 5 will make it to the last round. What are investors looking for in startups? What makes the difference between the ones who make it and the ones who don’t? Africa is seeing a steady increase in angel investment participation. Freddie Achom told me in an interview that he is looking to invest in Nigerian startups, and any entrepreneur who has a great idea should contact him. There are...

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[Interview] How This Social Entrepreneur is Using Sanitary Pads to Keep Young Girls in School

My name is Olivia Onyemaobi, I am the CEO and Creative director of Pad-Up Creations, a social enterprise manufacturing chemical free, washable and reusable sanitary pads in Nigeria. I am married and blessed with two gifted children – Michael (5 years) and Michelle (4 years). I am from Abia state. I have a degree in Accountancy and M.Sc in Business administration. I worked with multinational organisations for over 7 years before quitting to start my business. I love writing. Currently I have 7 publications; my last  book, The Missing Star, started me on the journey of using therapy to...

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Rental Business – a Perfect Way to Generate Steady Passive Income

Rental business involves leasing out plastic tables and chairs, at an agreed fee, to people organizing ceremonies. It is one business that generates steady passive income. Passive income means that the business continues to generate income for the business owner with no other capital input after the first. It is a set-it-up-and-lean-back kind of business. Rental business is most suited for workers and employees, people who have little time to commit to their business. It is very easy to keep track of your income without worrying about anyone stealing from you, plus you have enough time to do other stuff...

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How to Start ECommerce Business When you Have Little or No Money

Whenever people hear eCommerce business, they mostly picture this image of having a large eCommerce website like Jumia or Konga. Because setting up such large retail websites costs a lot of money, they believe eCommerce is beyond their business reach. There are ways you can start eCommerce business while spending little money or nothing at all. I will share those ways with you in this article. To understand what I’m about to tell you, let us understand what eCommerce really is. eCommerce: /ˈiːˌkɒmɜːs/ noun, business transactions conducted on the internet (source) By the above definition, if you have ever conducted any...

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